JAY – At a special meeting Thursday morning, Delaware County Commissioners made progress on the Spavinaw Creek bridge project that’s been on hold for over five years.

The purpose of the meeting was to forge an agreement between the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Amec, the archaeological firm hired by the county, and the county commissioners regarding the cost and process for an archaeological survey that will be performed in the Spavinaw Creek area.

During the regular county commissioner meeting held Nov. 10, the cost of the survey was estimated at $194,240 plus an additional $13,000 to $35,000, depending on what was discovered at the site.

The project was put on hold originally in 2003 when apparent Indian artifacts were discovered in the area.

The artifacts include what is believed to be a grinding stone, an arrowhead, and other flint items. The cost at that time for the survey was approximately $40,000.

Amec representatives Grant Day and Hank McKelway and BIA representative Larry Haikey made an agreement regarding the exact analysis required.

Day and McKelway came to an understanding of what would be required of their firm and agreed that the project’s cost would come in at $200,000 with the county providing a grader and an operator to “strip” the property for the survey.

Commissioners present, Dave Kendrick and Bill Cornell agreed to the amount in Crowder’s absence, and asked when the survey would start. McKelway told the board that they could start immediately.

McKelway was told that the matter would have to be on the agenda for the commissioners’ meeting to be held Monday, but that his firm could start the project after that.

McKelway told the board that he could have his crew in the area as early as Tuesday.

A completion date was not given.