Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

While most of Northeast Oklahoma was home watching Jeff Gordon finally win another race on Sunday, passing Kyle Busch late to end his 66-race winless streak and win the Subway 500 , Hickory Grove Fire Department was on the Poindexter property providing a community service.

Hickory Grove Fire organized a live burn of two 20-acre fields and one 40-acre field that David Poindexter owns and/or manages for hay production.

“Give them some food and they will do just about anything. Plus, there’s some new, young guys here at the department so this gives them a great training opportunity,” said Ann Poindexter, Hickory Grove Fire Board Treasurer.

“It’s a community service we offer to everyone, it’s just a matter of scheduling. This live burn was rescheduled four times,” said Hickory Grove Fire Chief Lloyd Cox.

“We are hoping that the rain tonight will smolder the hot spots,” said David Poindexter when explaining why yesterday was a good day.

Even though forecasters predicted a windy day, safety came first. “We could have just lit it up and been done hours ago, but this way we were able to provide some great training and make sure no one was hurt and the fire never got out of control,” said Lloyd Cox.

Burning fields helps with fire prevention and better hay production this season.