JAY – Security measures for the Delaware County Courthouse have improved with the installation of cameras, metal detectors and panic buttons.

In 2006, Delaware County Sheriff’s Captain Larry Barnett applied for and received a grant from the Office of Homeland Security in the amount of $26,000. The grant provided enough money to purchase a airport style walk-through metal detector, a 16 channel digital video recorder with 16 cameras – both inside and outside – two hand-held metal detectors, and a wireless panic alert system with 30 remote buttons.

“So far, we’ve already used the system a couple of times. We’ve had a person escape from the courthouse who was recorded by the cameras and we’ve used the hand-held metal detector for a high profile case,” said Captain Barnett.

The walk-through metal detector will be manned with part-time personnel until the Courthouse Security Fund accumulates enough money to compensate a full-time employee. Money for the fund is collected from each case that is filed in the Delaware County Court Clerk’s office and amounts to $10 per case filed.

“This is a good start towards making the courthouse more secure. We’re really proud to have received this grant and very pleased with everything we’ve purchased so far,” said Sheriff Jay Blackfox.