JAY – Delaware County Commissioners handled grants, road issues and cash accounts in their meeting held Monday morning.

Commissioners voted to recess the meeting to Thursday at 9 a.m. in a matter concerning the sponsorship of a transportation enhancement grant for the Monkey Island pedestrian/bicycle path. The grant is due on Friday and the board would make no decision today on the sponsorship due to too many questions in the application that consists of applying for a $500,000 grant for the project.

Don Raden, Monkey Island resident and spokesman presented the proposal claiming that the path would be a value enhancement to the property on Monkey Island and become an amenity value for the entire lake area. He claims residents on the island will be willing to raise money from a private faction, but were waiting to get approval from the board for sponsorship.

According to Commissioner for district #1 Ken Crowder, the application reads that the county will guarantee a 20% match. “I can’t guarantee that the county will match that money,” Crowder replied.

District #2 Commissioner Billy Cornell said he had a concern with the part of the application that read that the county will assume responsibility for environmental impact and culture resources that could crop up in the future. “There can be a lot of hidden environmental issues here,” he said.

Dave Kendrick, county commissioner for district #3 said he wouldn’t support the grant until a lot of these issues in question were cleared up.

Raden was asked by Commissioner Crowder why the group had waited until the last minute. Raden replied that there are only volunteers on the island and no one is making any decisions. The grant is due on Friday and cannot be extended. Commissioners will recess the meeting until 9 a.m. to possibly hear from the engineer on the project. If the matter isn’t cleared up to the satisfaction of the board, the project will be put off for another year.

In other items Monday morning:

• A hearing on the intention to close a road located 250 East of Highway #10 was held with the board voting to put that part of the road that is a section line road in reserve status and close the road. The action was brought by the Seneca-Cayuga tribe who has built a new road and asked that the county road be closed to thru traffic.

• A jail inspection and corrected plan dated August 16 was forwarded to the Oklahoma Department of Health Jail Inspection Division. Overcrowding was the only violation cited that has not been remedied.

• Three bids were submitted on the removal of an existing roof and replacement for the Delaware County E-911 Building. The winning bid will be announced during next weeks meeting.

• Gary Buchanan will serve another term on the Northeast Oklahoma Community Action Agency Board of Directors.

• Highway cash was set up in the amount of $57,613.68 for each district and blanket purchase orders were approve for the month of October as well.

• Cash accounts to be known as CBRI-Inspection were set up for each district with $1,113.53 to be deposited into each account. The money will be used for annual bridge inspections.

• County Bridge and Road Improvements (CBRI) monies in the amount of $6,532.44 was set for each district.

• In the matter roadway closings, a defined description of a road closed during the meeting of August 23 was defined as only Bill Hardesty Lane that was being closed.

• OSU Extension Department transferred $2,000 from their Travel Account into Capital Outlay.

• A tort claim from Eva Foreman against the Sheriff’s Department for running over her bicycle in the amount of $129 was turned over to the county’s insurance company.

• Two items tabled for one week concerned the sponsorship of a REAP grant for the Lions Club through Grand Gateway and a motion to approve installation of wireless internet in the Delaware County Courthouse with cost to be paid by Winston Connor.

• No action was taken to enter into a lease purchase agreement with ODOT and district #1.

• A motion to discuss with possible action the approval of the employee personnel policy handbook for Delaware County will be recessed until Wednesday at 9 a.m.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Delaware County Commissioners will be held on Monday, October 4 at 9 a.m. in the commissioners office of the Delaware County Courthouse.