While most people celebrated Halloween with costumes and candy, Grove Lower Elementary (GLE) did something a bit more novel - they watched Principal Sandy Harper kiss a donkey and a goat.

Harper agreed to kiss the farm animals if the kids collected their goal of 5,000 box tops.

The enthusiastic students, who chanted and cheered as Harper puckered up, were able to collect far more than expected.

“They blew the top off their goal,” said GLE teacher and box top coordinator Terry Cash. “They brought in over 8,000.”

The box tops, which are collected from popular brands of cereal, can be redeemed for much-needed education funds.

GLE will receive $812 for the latest batch.

Harper’s part of the agreement is added incentive for kids to collect the box tops. Last year she facilitated the box top drive by kissing a pig and allowing a student from each class to shoot her with Silly String.

“I don’t know why they like me to kiss livestock,” Harper said. “But I’ll do anything to help the school.”

She added that Cash was to be commended for working so hard to bring the box tops in.

GLE is setting a new goal and continuing its box top drive until the end of the school year.

Anyone who wishes to contribute is encouraged to drop their box tops off at the school.