Grove Schools Superintendent issued a statement after an incident at the Grove Schools this morning.  The Grove Sun initially reported that OSBI was on the scene, however, it was later reported that they were not involved and that the Grove Police Department and Delaware County Sheriffi's Department's handled the call.

The Superintendent statement is as follows:

Grove Public Schools had an incident on September 1 at approximately 9 a.m.

Grove High School requested the assistance from the Grove Police Department because a student had reportedly assaulted teachers during class. School was placed on lock down for safety reasons for the students and staff. Suspect student was controlled by school staff until police arrived on the scene and controlled incident. Grove Police Department resonded very fast. Suspect was taken to a secure facility.Grove Medial Service did arrive on the scene and no one was transported. All teachers involved are still in the classroom teaching.

Thanks to Delaware County 911 Department, Grove Police Department, Grove Medial Services and the Grove High School staff and students for responding appropriately.