JAY – Tim McCrary, of Rose & McCrary spoke to the Delaware county Commissioners regarding the progress of two ongoing bridge projects.

McCrary said the archaeological study on the Spavinaw Creek Bridge area is ongoing. Crews have been in the area since last week. They’ve reported finding numerous pieces of arrowheads and flint rocks, but nothing that would constitute a major discovery.

He also reported that a state environmental study is in progress at the Hog Eye Bridge project. McCrary told the board that it may be three to four months before the study is done, but that it is progress made toward the construction of the bridge.

In other business, highway cash for the month of December in the amount of $62,496.59 was awarded to each district and blanket orders for December were accepted.

Other items on the agenda included:

• A bid from Greater Western Land LLC on land not sold at a tax sale, located in Lakemont Shores and Flint Ridge in the amount of $100 for 10 lots was accepted.

• A bond posted for a utility permit in District #2 from Tom Thomason will be refunded.

• Sealed bids on election ballots for the Delaware County Election Board were approved.

• A motion to accept a bid for a used pumper truck for the Zena Fire Department was tabled for one more week.

• District #3 received four bids on a grader and the matter was tabled for two weeks for review.

• A motion to approve entering into a contract with Brown Architect for the replacement of the roof on the Delaware County Community Center was tabled. Commissioners are waiting to hear from Grand Gateway regarding funding for the project.

The next meeting of the Delaware County Commissioners will be held on Mon., Dec. 1 starting at 9 a.m. in the Commissioners Office of the Delaware County Courthouse.