DELAWARE COUNTY – A Delaware County woman could face charges of animal cruelty after more than 100 dogs were found in what officials are calling the worst case of animal abuse they’ve ever witnessed.

An anonymous tip led Delaware County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Berry to a farm located at 18759 E 440 Road close to the Arkansas state line, where more than 100 dogs, including 10 dead animals, were discovered without food, water and proper shelter.

Berry said some of the dogs were eating dogs that had died.

He noted that approximately 10 dogs were being kept in 4 X 3 pens.

Some of the dogs were going blind and it appeared all the female dogs were pregnant.

Sue Davis, owner of the dogs, signed custody of the small spaniels and poodles over to the Grove Humane Society who contacted the state Humane Society to find emergency shelter for the dogs.  According to authorities, the animals had to remain together as seized property and there was no facility in Delaware County or the State of Oklahoma that could handle the number of dogs.

Linda Miller of the Grove Humane Society said the facility in Grove is at full capacity.

“We get almost 10 animals a week that have been dumped,” she said.

“Right now we have close to 120 dogs and over 100 cats,” she added.

The Dumb Friends League, a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare based in Denver, Colo., was contacted and said their group would take the animals. Early Sunday morning, local veterinarian Darlene Wehr and her family, transported the dogs to Salina, Kansas. There they were met by volunteers, who took the animals on to Denver for evaluation and medical treatment.

Davis was transported to the Grove Hospital’s emergency room by Jay EMS after she complained of chest pains. She was treated and released the same day. She did not return to the scene.

According to Miller, Oklahoma has the second highest number of puppy mills in the United States.

“We would like to thank Deputy Mark Berry,” Miller added. “He put a lot of effort into this investigation.”