We have a ‘Y’(MCA) in town. I mean besides the sports, and after school programs. Did you know they have a workout facility in town right behind Pizza Hut and that if about 30 more people become members of ‘our’ Y ‘official’ fundraising can begin to raise funds for building a new facility complete with indoor swimming, indoor basketball, locker rooms, rooms for motion classes and much more.

I joined last summer to participate in water aerobics which were held at a local motel swimming pool. . .I thought of us as ‘the bobble-heads’ (picture us . . . ) up to our necks, in the pool, running in place . . . LOL. It’s wonderful being able to work-out in the water, sure is easy on the joints. . .aah, to have a year round indoor pool.

My husband and I love to work-out at the ‘Y’; they have a great staff, fun classes, and lots of friendly members. We recently met hospital volunteers working-out; they get a health club membership as a perk from the hospital . . . that’s a good investment in their volunteers.

Even if you aren’t looking for a good healthy place to hang out, check it out. If you don’t want to work-out but want to help the entire community consider becoming a supporting member, then you can write your donation off on your taxes.

Either way it’s a win/win .

Regards, Nancy Tice member of the Grove ‘Y’