Miss Oklahoma 2008-’09 Kelsey Cartwright paid a visit to the Grove Middle School Monday afternoon with an address to the student body in the auditorium.

Cartwright, a 2006 graduate of Collinsville High School, focused her inspirational talk on three main points.

“We talked about getting out of your comfort zone,” Cartwright said. “We also spoke about staying away from ‘watermelon-ade’ – that means looking for positives when you are in a bad situation. The third thing we talked about was setting goals for yourself.”

Cartwright also touched briefly on the current high school football season.

“You know, we were undefeated until we played you!” Cartwright said of her alma mater with a smile of during her speech.

The students cheered and applauded at that line.

The Oklahoma City University junior juxtaposed her speech themes with experiences from her own life such as the divorce of her parents when she was a child and her trek to the Miss Oklahoma crown.

“I entered 12 pageants before I ever won one,” said Cartwright. “I won Miss Keystone Lake after I started at OCU.”

From there Cartwright qualified for the Miss Oklahoma pageant and she won it on her first attempt- an unprecedented feat in the history of the event.

Cartwright has spent the last few weeks touring the state and giving speeches to various schools and civic groups.

“A ton!” said Cartwright when asked how many speaking engagements she has been involved with recently. “Last week was Red Ribbon Week and I was doing three or four a day. This week has been more relaxed and I’ve usually only done one or two a day. I’ve been traveling all across Oklahoma.”

Cartwright was impressed with the city of Grove and the reception afforded her at the Middle School.

“Grove is awesome!” Cartwright said. “It was a very responsive and attentive audience. They were fantastic.”

As Cartwright continues her travels there is one date in particular she is looking forward to.

“The Miss America Pageant is in Las Vegas this year,” said Cartwright. “I’ll be there January 24th for the finals.

“There is also going to be a reality television show about the pageant that is airing the whole four weeks before Miss America,” Cartwright added. “It starts January 3rd on TLC (The Learning Channel.) You should watch, it’s probably going to be pretty funny.”