PICHER — A Tar Creek public housing complex might be on its way to a neighboring community.

The Picher Housing Authority is looking to relocate to Fairland, said John Sparkman, authority director, and Fairland city leaders are scheduled to discuss the proposal at 7 p.m. Thursday.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is looking for land in the Fairland area, and city leaders have said 80 acres are available, Sparkman said. The project would be called Fairland Housing Authority.

Sparkman said the $8 million project would provide 78 environmentally friendly and energy-efficient units. Fairland is spending $4 million to upgrade its wastewater treatment system, he said.

The Picher Housing Authority has provided low-cost housing to Picher families for 42 years. The community is part of a $60 million buyout prompted by a 2006 report that the ground beneath hundreds of homes, businesses and churches in the Picher, Cardin and Hockerville area could cave in.

Sparkman came under fire for renting out units during the buyout.

"As long as the city is in place I am required to provide housing according to the town’s charter,” Sparkman said.

He said the agency is not taking applications but will provide temporary emergency housing.