Grove School Board members were presented with a lengthy list of present and future needs for the entire school system at a special meeting Tuesday evening.  The list contained more than 90 items that need to be addressed, some as soon as May.

The Board agreed to hold another special meeting within 10 days to make decisions on the list.

Making the presentation was Gary Jackson of Hight-Jackson Associates of Rogers, Ark.

He went through the entire West Campus, building by building, and identified the number one issue as a new roof for the Middle School, which may cost between $400,000 and $485,000 to fix.  The present roof leaks and is really three different roofs tied together.

He said work to put on a new metal roof should start immediately after school ends in May.

Key items listed, by building, for the entire system include:

Lower Elementary: Change the front entrance, add a secure foyer, new floor tiles on the interior, add more toilets and hand wash stations, replace windows (cost $105,000), connect the building with four classrooms to the main building, and build a "safe room" Tornado shelter using a 75% FEMA grant.  A total of 550 students are currently enrolled at the Lower Elementary.

Early Childhood Center:  Traffic and parking are issues that need to be resolved but Jackson said he is waiting on a traffic study from the city.  There is no easy fix for this, but widening the intersection at 10th Street would help.  Also on this list are converting existing janitor closets to two restrooms with two stalls each, subdividing the existing electrical room; building a canopy at parent loading to protect from rain, and building a gym or all purpose room. A total of 366 students are enrolled currently.

Upper Elementary:  Going to a "one roof" campus is the eventual goal, with a halt to building structures with separate areas.  Four new classrooms are needed by 2011 and Jackson suggested building another campus for all Lower Elementary functions. Sidewalks are non-existent and students must walk through rocks and mud and there are drainage problems at the new front entrance from rainwater off the roof. Current enrollment is 314.

Middle School:  Also a "one-roof" design for the campus, providing a new "presence" for the front entrance; relocation of the nurse's station; build conference rooms for the media center, and a lengthy list of maintenance issues including new wood doors and frames, single pane window replacements, air conditioning upgrades, and relocation of gas and water pipes on the roof must be accomplished.  Jackson recommended removing the middle school ag science building as well. Current enrollment is 538.

Other Considerations include installing one-way signage on both campuses; re-configuration of grades K-8 with a new elementary school at another site; fixing the student center building and science annex building, and a total re-hab of the WPA building to house District Offices, administrative offices, board room and new parking lot.

High School:  Improve security at main entrance, build a separate bus drive away from cars; add to existing parking lot, provide additional teacher parking, and build four classrooms now, for advanced science, art, desktop publishing/business, and newspaper/broadcasting classes.  Additional restrooms are needed more convenient to the classrooms, two additional counselors offices are needed, and a fine arts center backing up to the band/orchestra room, with a band practice area on pavement.  An expansion of the vocational/agricultural classrooms is also required, improvement in the band-choir traffic flow (students currently have to travel through the choir room to get to their band uniforms), and several maintenance issues.  Long range, a new football stadium, several baseball fields, and an alternative learning building are needed.  Current enrollment is 710.

Cost estimate for a new elementary building would range between $6 and $7 million for 600-700 students, he said. He did not provide cost estimates for all of the recommendations.

Right now is a good time to start, he added, as some construction costs have dropped substantially from last year.

School will begin August 13 following summer vacation.