At the regular Grove City Council meeting last week, the fate of seven dilapidated buildings were discussed.

At the regular Grove City Council meeting last week, the fate of seven dilapidated buildings were discussed.  

City staff indicated that the owner of a structure at 102 Lennel Street had only recently been contacted since he does not live in the city. The building was subject to an Administrative Order in August and again in September. However, because of the difficulty of contacted him, the council agreed to give him another 30 days to make progress on the repairs.  

Because of lack of progress, two properties were set for a final hearing on Jan. 5. They include houses at 615 S. Cherokee St. and 609 S. Cherokee. Two other structures were ordered to be reviewed. The property at 505 S. Grand has a leaking roof and a portion of a deck and back porch have been removed. That review will occur in 30 days. A second property at 301 E Fifth St. was ordered to be reviewed in two weeks. That house is sitting on the foundation and is awaiting electrical hookup. 

In other action, the council adopted a resolution passed earlier in the day by the Grove Municipal Service Authority pertaining to new subdivisions. The resolution would allow the city to run water and gas lines to a new subdivision development at no cost. However, if the property is not subsequently developed, the property owner would have to reimburse the city for the utility development costs. If the development is built, the city would recover its investment from each individual landowner through hookup fees when each parcel of the land is sold.  

The city’s consultant on developing a Comprehensive Plan Update, Doug Moore, told the council a public hearing on the development plan will be held on Dec. 4 in the council chamber. The date is the night of lighting the Christmas Tree and will provide an opportunity for residents to comment on the land use and transportation portions of the plan. Moore told the council he projects that the plan will be completed by April. It will be posted on the city’s website for 30 days for public review before the council will vote to adopt the plan. 

The council also approved two fishing tournament dates for 2021. One is the MLFLW Phoenix Bass Fishing League on Sept. 18 and 19 and the other is a Bassmaster Open Series event on Oct. 21 to 23. Both events will be at Wolf Creek. 

The council also approved a bid for a 50KW multi-voltage portable diesel generator and providing a one time $150 bonus for full-time employees not subject to longevity pay.