JAY — Delaware County County Commissioners held a public meeting to discuss the new budget for the 2020-2021 fiscal year which began Oct. 1.

The new budget was adopted after none of the county officials objected to the $6.454 million budget which is about a $283,000 increase over last year's $6.171 million budget.

The largest increase was for the sheriff's department which has the largest staff of any county office and accounts for around 30 percent of the total budget.

According to Bill Turner, the county’s outside CPA, the sheriff's office will receive about $150,000 more than last fiscal year, but less than requested.

The county accessor’s office requested $304,000 and the budget is at $276,000.

The commissioners also approved the appointment of two people as receiving officers in the county sheriff's office, Stephanie Sanders and Ray Thomas.

Thomas was one of three men interviewed by the commission for the interim sheriff position at the end of October.

The commissioners' original choice, Mark Wall, resigned after only one week on the job.

The other candidate, Mike Wilkerson was appointed to replace Wall last week.

At Wilkerson's request Louis Karleskint, Brandon Houston and Wilkerson were appointed as requisitioning officers and Sanders was also appointed as inventory clerk.

The commissioners approved a request from District 3 commissioner Martin Kirk to purchase two 7700 Motor graders in the amount of $540,938. The graders will replace two graders that are about 13 years old.

The county is seeking bids for road materials for the county highway department for the next six months. Sealed bids need to be submitted by Nov. 4 and will be opened at the commission meeting on Nov. 10.