The Delaware County commissioners are seeking applicants for the job of interim sheriff. They plan to interview candidates during next Tuesday's meeting and hope to hire them in time to begin serving on Oct. 1.

The current sheriff, Harlan Moore, is retiring at the end of September and the new sheriff does not take office until January.

In other action the board approved a proposal to modernizes the Assessor's office website. At the request of the County Assessor Larena Ellis-Cook the commissioners approve a proposal to change the software program that provides online property information.

The program from Spatialset Inc. will cost the county abut $10,500 per year which the assessor already has set aside from the Visual Inspection budget. The new program would allow public access to records in the form used by many real estate applications.

In addition, the board approved a $9,515 for an aerial mapping subscription that will provide detailed information on property along the lake. The information will be used to update assessment records.

The program is from Nearmap US Inc. and will cover 36 months of mapping.

The meeting also included the approval of a proposal from B&B Heating and Air to provide a yearly service contract for the county courthouse and the community building as well as approve from Thyssenkrupp for $975 to provide courthouse elevator safety tests.