“Life is full of hurdles. The key is to jump over and continue to move forward”

Oh my, the 4th of July weekend is upon us already, and Grand Lake is in perfect condition to enjoy our independence. Water temperature will only give you a brief chill, 84 degrees or so, level and color are stable. Please be careful, and consider personal protective equipment. I’m not talking about face masks and hand sanitizers, but flotation devices i.e. LIFE JACKETS.

I’m often asked by folks what makes Grand Lake such an attraction to much of the country but more specifically to the angling community. Well, part of the answer is the size and number of fish we have here all year long. Last week’s Midwest Fish Tournaments (AIA) results were remarkable, and all fish were released. Kevin and Bryan Jackson brought in a 4 fish stringer weighing 21.52 lbs; that’s a 5.38 lb average, and they did have a kicker over 6 lbs. BUT WAIT. To finish in the top five you had to have at least a four fish 4 lb average. That’s a lot of quality fish. Crappie, white bass, and catfish just add to the piscatorial attractions of this wonderful watershed.

Our trips last week were concentrated on black and white bass and we caught both. Here’s Curtis Williams with one over 5 lbs that came on a watermelon red creature bait off a main lake ledge. All of our fishing was “off shore” in water that went from 8-40‘ for both species. The whites were caught using small rattle traps or Gay Blades in silver colors.

Until next time, keep your bait in the water. Clint Baranowski

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