GROVE - The Primary Election is over for Delaware County.

All precincts have reported resulting in some predicted wins and some surprised. For Delaware County, this means runoffs for the District 2 County Commissioner and for the County Sheriff. Both will be voted on in August.

State Question 802

The lone question on the ballot passed with just over 50%, earning 339,799 of the 673,110 total votes.

Corporation Commissioner

Incumbent Todd Hiett was challenged by Harold Spradling and won with 74%, or 265,582 votes. Spradling earned 90,519 vote . Delaware County attributed 3,041 to Hiett.

U.S. Senator

Democrat - Four candidates, R.O. Joe Cassity Jr., Elysabeth Britt, Abby Broyles and Sheila Bilyeu, faced off to be on the ballot for U.S. Senator in November. Broyles won, earning 60%, or 163,644 of the 270,750 possible votes. In Delaware County, Broyles earned nearly 60%, or 1,311 votes, followed by Cassity earned 404 votes, Britt with 300 and Bilyeu with 287.

Republican - Incumbent Senator Jim Inhofe faced three fellow Republicans on the ticket, Neil Mavis, John Tompkins and JJ Stitt. Inhofe won with 74%, or 277,269 of the 374,424 votes. In Delaware County, Inhofe won nearly 70% of the vote with 3,361 votes, followed by Stitt with 931 votes, Tompkins with 326 and Mavis with 188.

U.S. Representative

Incumbent Representative Markwayne Mullin was challenged by Joseph Silk and Rhonda Hopkins. Mullin won with nearly 80% of the votes, winning 53,116 o the 66,466 possible votes. In Delaware County nearly 83%, or 3,995 residents selected Mullin, followed by Silk with 509 votes and Hopkins with 311.

State Senator District 1

Incumbent Senator Michael Bergstrom faced and defeated James Fuser. Bergstrom won by 64%, or 4,980, of the 7,700 votes. In Delaware County Bergstrom earned 66%, or 1,245 votes, while Fuser earned 640.

State Senator District 3

Incumbent Senator Wayne Shaw was challenged by Blake Cowboy Stephens. Stephens defeated Shaw by winning 60%, or 4,410, of the 7,298 votes. In Delaware County Stephens earned 55%, or 1,605 votes, while Shaw earned 1,286.

County Commissioner District 2

Four Republicans were on the ticket for the position, incumbent Russell Martin, Jake Caliban. David Hampton and Scott Williams. The position would have been filled if any one candidate earned 50%, or more, of the vote. Hampton led the race with 655 votes, totaling nearly 36%. Callihan had 579 votes to earn 31%. Martin secured 389 votes for 21% and Williams had 213 for nearly 12% of the votes.

Hampton and Callihan will face off again in the Runoff Primary Election on Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

County Sheriff

The race for Delaware County Sheriff was between four candidates, Matt North, Mike Wilkerson, Tracy Shaw and Mark Berry. The position would have been filled if any one candidate could procure 50%, or more, of the votes. Leading the pack was Berry with 1,620 votes, but he only secured 34% of the votes. Wilkerson earned 1,234 votes to secure 26%. Shaw had 1,073 votes to earn nearly 23%, while North earned 777 votes, or 16.5%.

Berry and Wilkerson will have a Runoff Primary Election on Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

Cleora Public School

CPS had one School Board position to fill. Billy Jarvis and Brandon Ackerson went head to head, with Jarvis earning the win with nearly 69% of the vote, 326-147.

Ketchum Public Schools

The Ketchum Warriors had one School Board member position to fill and two propositions to vote on. Mike Williams and Melanie Adams battled for the 683 votes, but Williams won the election 360-323 with nearly 53% of the vote.

Proposition One was passed with almost 62% of the votes, 470-289.

Proposition Two was passed with 64% of the votes 484-271.

Oaks-Mission Public Schools

The Oaks Warriors had one position open on the School Board. Mitch Christie and Melvin Blossom Jr. had an incredibly close race with a mere vote being the deciding factor. Christie won the election 102-101 over Blossom.