When I was in high school, I worked in the evenings as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut. Looking back, although it could be very busy and hectic at times, especially on the weekend, it was a pretty good after school job, and some of the adventures I encountered while on my delivery route, could be quite eye opening for some.

On slow nights, part of my job description included washing the pizza serving pans and also helping out preparing pizza for the customers. One perk of working there was being able to have free pizza for myself, when I became hungry. This was my first taste of experimenting with new pizza concoctions. Using the ingredients in the store, I would try many different types of combinations for myself, to see what I liked best, or for what I might be hungry for that evening. Some worked, some, not so much. To this day, many years later, I still enjoy making pizza, and I also still enjoy trying something new, to me anyway.

Each week, I have guests over to the house that I get together with and play music. It used to be, that on my music days, I would try to prepare my dinner ahead of time, and something I could warm up and eat after the music session was done. But, that kind of became a pain in the behind after a while, and I decided on one particular evening that I was going to make a pizza and my guests had the option of taking a break from the music and eat some of it with me, or they could sit and watch me eat it, because I was going to take a dinner break. Well, the first night I done this, I happened to only have one guest that evening, and she decided to join in on the pizza eating. It just so happens that my guest also told me it was the best pizza she had ever eaten. Well, of course that compliment caused my head to swell a little, so I decided to make pizza again the next time my music group came, and the compliments continued. By this time I figured I had them hooked, and then decided I would start serving them my experimentation pizzas to see what kind of reaction I would get from them, all the while getting feedback on what their personal tastes were in pizza, things like dough, sauce, or whatever? Now for one of my guests, I really don’t think it mattered a whole lot; I could probably serve them a Vienna sausage pizza and not get any negative feedback. But the other one, is a little more outspoken and opinionated on my pizza and not afraid to say what she likes or dislikes. So in order to get positive approval, I have adapted some different techniques in my pizza making, with most being positive changes for my own tastes as well.

I am always trying to think of new ideas to try out on my pizza critics, with some, you may think as being kinda out in right field, but to be honest, as of this writing there has been no negative feedback on any of them, but, just like the collegiate football rankings, they do have a ranking system in place. The week I made the pizza recipe I’m sharing with you was served, it took over the number one spot, and has continued to hold that ranking to date. The pizza was a Smoked BBQ Baby Back Rib Pizza, and today I’m sharing how I prepared it.

Smoked BBQ Baby Back Rib Pizza


1 rack of Smoked Baby Back Ribs

BBQ sauce (I use Head Country hot and spicy)

Smoked Provolone Cheese

Olive Oil

Pizza dough mix

Red Onion


I smoke my ribs the day before I’m having the pizza, so prepare your ribs like you normally would. For the pizza, prepare the dough per the instructions on the packet. Roll it out thin, place in the pan, and trim the excess. Now paint a very thin layer of the olive oil on the dough with a pastry brush and place in a 425F oven to par-bake for about 3 to 5 minutes. Take the dough from the oven and let cool for about 10 minutes. Now start building your pizza, with the pastry brush, paint a very thin layer of BBQ sauce on the dough, you don’t want to overpower it with too much sauce. Now add the Cheese and some Red Onion slices. Last, add pieces of the Smoked Ribs and place the pizza in the oven. On my oven, I cook it at 425F; you may need to go a little hotter on your oven. When the pizza reaches the doneness you prefer, remove from the oven and add a little more of the BBQ sauce as garnish and serve.