GROVE - The Oklahoma Primaries are set to take place on Tuesday, June 30.

Delaware County residents have one state question to vote on and depending on the voter's party, one to six offices. Voters who live in Cleora, Oaks and Ketchum school districts will all have additional ballots for educational issues that were not resolved in the March 13 Board of Education General Elections due to COVID-19.

Polling stations will be open Tuesday, June 30, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

State Question

State Question 802, if approved, would expand Medicaid (the government sponsored health insurance program) to qualifying low-income persons between the ages of 18-65 who fall below the 133% federal poverty line. The current line is for a single adult who makes $17,236 annually or adults in a family of four who make $35,535 annually. The state cannot make additional restrictions and would be funded through the state and federal government.

Democratic Ballot

The ballot for any Delaware County Democrat will have four candidates vying for the office of U.S. Senator. The four candidates are running for the position that is currently held by Jim Inhofe (R) are R.O. Joe Cassity Jr., Elysabeth Britt, Abby Broyles and Sheila Bilyeu.

Cassity is a lawyer, teacher and Army Reserve veteran from Ponca City. According to his Facebook, he supports civil rights, women's rights and the American Union Labor Movement.

Britt is a former marine and current human resources professional from Oklahoma City. According to her website, she supports a more equitable global community, reducing the cost of healthcare and rebuilding rural health clinics, advocating competitive wages and holding corporations accountable, ensuring student loans and home loans are fair and equitable, guaranteeing equal human and civil rights for all Americans, restoring America as the land of opportunity for all, protecting American ingenuity and copyrights, restoring and developing new infrastructure, improving international cooperation, and investing in emerging science. Britt is a member of the LGBT+ community and the first transgender candidate in Oklahoma.

Broyles is an award winning journalist and attorney from Bethany. According to her website, Broyles supports closing the gender pay gap, options for healthcare, climate change, keeping kids safe, criminal justice system reform, taking care of service members, uplifting Oklahoman farmers and decriminalizing marijuana.

Bilyeu is a school counselor from Freedom, located in the Northwest corner of Oklahoma,. According to her website, Bilyeu supports the creation of jobs, a $15/hour minimum wage, student loan forgiveness and free tuition for college at public schools, keeping and increasing Social Security, Medicare for all, taking good care of veterans and not going to war unless absolutely necessary.

Republican Ballots

All voters in the Republican party will vote on Corporation Commissioner, U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative Dist. 2 and County Sheriff.

Voters in precincts 1 (Cleora Community Church), 2 (Bernice Sr. Citizens Building), 3 (Monkey Island FD), 4 (Hickory Grove FD), 10 (Jay Community Center), 16 (Jay Community Center), 17 (Eucha Community Center) and 20 (Kenwood Water Office) will also vote on State Senator District 1.

Voters in precincts 5 (St. Andrew's Episcopal Church), 6 (Cowskin FD #1), 8 (Butler Baptist Church), 11 (Bible Baptist Church), 19 (Colcord Church of Christ), 21 (Leach First Baptist Church), 22 (Kansas Community Center) and 23 (West Siloam Springs FD) will also vote on State Senator District 3.

Voters in precincts 7 (1st United Methodist Church), 9 ( Grace Harbor Baptist Church) and 18 (Mt. Hermon Church Rec Building) will vote on State Senator District 3 and County Commissioner District 2.

Voters in precincts 12 (Zena Community Center), 14 (Jay First Assembly of God Church) and 15 (Tia Juana FD) will vote on State Senator District 1 and County Commissioner District 2.

Corporation Commissioner

Todd Hiett - Hiett is the incumbent chairman of the Corporation Commissioner and a rancher from Kellyville. Hiett served in the Oklahoma House for 12 years.

Harold D. Spradling - Spradling is from Cherokee and the director of Pro Counsel Star. This is Spradling's second campaign for Corporation Commissioner.

U.S. Senator

Neil Mavis - Maivs is a wifi engineer from Tulsa. Mavis supports term limits for US Congress, bankruptcy as a solution to student debt, transparency in secret court and FISA, ending insider trading by congress, ending civil asset forfeiture and ending warrantless searches.

Jim Inhofe - Inhofe is the incumbent senator from Tulsa. He serves as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. According to his website, Inhofe tackles the issues adoption, agriculture, education, energy and environment, foreign policy, healthcare, immigration, national security, taxation, transportation and veterans.

John Tompkins - Tompkins is an orthopedic surgeon and Naval Reservist from Oklahoma City. He was deployed in April to New York City and for two weeks San Diego to aid in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Tompkins' platform is not posted online.

JJ Stitt - Stitt is a farmer and a firearm business owner from Dover. He claims to be a distant relation to the current Oklahoma Governor, Kevin Stitt. Stitt supports the 2nd Amendment, immigration reform, investing in education, healthcare and tax reform.

U.S. Representative District 2

Joseph Silk - Silk is a senator in the Oklahoma Senate and a vacation property manager from Broken Bow. Silk, a former Coast Guardsman, supports challenging the establishment to uphold the Constitution, attain a viable future by empowering the states and aims to recapture the American vision.

Markwayne Mullin - Mullin is the incumbent U.S. Representative for District 2. Mullin is a Cherokee Nation Citizen from Tulsa and owner of Mullin Plumbing. According to his website, Mullin supports defense and national security, the economy and jobs, investing in education, fighting for energy jobs, transparency in foreign affairs, healthcare reform, native American affairs, cutting spending and debt, tax reform, transportation accessibility and care for veterans.

Rhonda Hopkins - According to her Facebook, she supports pro-life, the 2nd Amendment, economic opportunity, freedom of choice, reasonable taxes and reform for Social Security.

State Senator District 1

Michael Bergstrom - Bergstrom is the incumbent senator from Adair. Bergstrom has served in the Oklahoma Senate since 2016 and on the Business, Commerce, and Tourism Committee, the Public Safety Committee and the Transportation Committee as vice chair.

James Fuser - Fuser is a rancher from Afton. According to his website, Fuser supports faith and family, 2nd Amendment rights, local schools and local control of education, strong agriculture, job creation, private property rights, care for active military and veterans, accessible quality healthcare, frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and maintenance of highways and infrastructures.

State Senator District 3

Blake Cowboy Stephens - Stephens is a rancher from Tahlequah. According to his Facebook page, Stephens supports pro-life, the 2nd Amendment and serving the community, regardless of differing viewpoints.

Wayne Shaw - Shaw is the incumbent senator and a pastor from Grove. Shaw has served in the Oklahoma Senate since 2012 and serves on the Appropriations Committee, the Education Committee, the Business, Commerce, and Tourism Committee and the Public Safety Committee as the chair.

County Sheriff

Matt North - North is a former Delaware County Deputy from Grove. North's focus is on taking the Sheriff's Department in a new direction with the aid of technology.

Mike Wilkerson - Wilkerson is a former police chief from Kansas, OK. Wilkerson's focus is on implementing lower cost technology and retaining deputies.

Tracy Shaw - Shaw is the current undersheriff for Delaware County, a military veteran and a volunteer fireman. Shaw's focus is on serving the community.

Mark Berry - Berry is a security guard at Cherokee Casino. Berry's focus is on creating a partnership with the residents and the formation of a board to address concerns.

County Commissioner District 2

Jake Callihan - Callihan is the co-owner of Callihan Fence Co. in Jay. Callahan's focus is on improving roadways and development of the area.

David Kelly Hampton - Hampton is a former educator from Zena. Hampton's focus is on obtaining grants from Washington D.C. to improve the county.

Scott Williams - Williams is a self-employed veteran from California. Williams focus is on change for the community.

Russell Martin - Martin is the incumbent County Commissioner for District 2. Martin's focus is on teamwork with the fellow commissioners to make the county better as a whole.

School Districts

Cleora Public School

Two candidates are running for the position of a member on the Board of Education: Billy Jarvis and Brandon Ackerson.

Oaks Mission Public School

Two candidates are running for the position of member on the Board of Education: Mitch Christie and Melvin Blossom Jr.

Ketchum Public School

Two candidates are running for the position of member on the Board of Education: Mike Williams and Melanie Adams.

KPS also has two propositions on the ballot.

Proposition 1

Issue a bond for $15,950,000 for acquiring school sites, constructing, repairing, remodeling, equipping school buildings and acquiring school furniture, fixtures and equipment or acquire all or a distinct portion of such property, levying an annual tax. The bond will have a 10 percent interest and is due in five years.

Proposition 2

Issue a bond a $450,000 to acquire transportation equipment and levy an annual tax. The bond will have a 10 percent interest rate and is due in five years.