JAY - In March 2020 a new business has been reborn in Delaware County and it began on the steps of the Delaware County Courthouse.

The facility is located between Jay and Grove, on Highway 59 and has been vacate about four years, but is now operating as the Delaware County Stockyards.

Curtis Larmon, from Kansas, OK and Nick Simmons, from Colcord, OK literally bid on the property on the steps of the courthouse.

The purchase “wasn’t really planned, but the opportunity presented itself” according to Simmons, as both men had been watching the vacant property, knowing there was a real need to get it open.

Both Simmons and Larmon have raised cattle all of their lives and knew that the County needed a sale barn, as there was no real outlet for selling and buying cattle in Delaware County.

Simmons has worked “up front” and the pens in other sale barns, plus in rodeos, so neither he nor Larmon are strangers to livestock operations and sales.

So far, word-of-mouth has been efficient in getting the message out around the county and beyond.

They have had four sales so far and handled 2500 head through the barn, with their first sale totaling 1000 head.

The Stockyards have a sale of cattle every Wednesday at noon, with sheep and goats on every first and third Saturday at noon…with an occasional horse tossed in.

At the moment, the stockyard does not handle hogs, due to the fact that that would require a concrete floor in the pens, something that is too expensive to currently add.

The outside pens have a nylon fabric shading the livestock pens, with plans to have a permanent roof over the area in 4- 5 years.

In two years Larmon and Simmons want to be able to move 500 head per month through the facility.

During the COVIC-19 pandemic, it has turned out to be a good time to get the business up and running.

It started slow, giving Simmons and Larmon a chance to get things going in the right direction and then able to build the operation as business grows.

Simmons points out “we’re glad to come out and look at your cattle or livestock and give you a fair and real estimate of their worth.”

He added that they can provide transportation if it’s needed to get your livestock to the sale.

Commissions are very competitive with an $18 minimum or 3% of the sale price.

Now Delaware County residents have a real option and opportunity to sell their livestock closer to home.

For more information, call at 918-791-3476 or visit the Delaware County Stockyard Facebook page.