GROVE - Participants in The Playmakers’ first Year of the Mask event, a movie mask challenge on Facebook, were treated to twenty-one chances to guess the name of movie and then, if they wanted, could make a copy of the mask to be judged by Playmaker volunteers.

The mask made by Linda Tayrien for “The Princess Bride” was selected as the first place winner. Carey Elweys wore it as Westley, disguising himself as the dread pirate Roberts, while on his quest to find Princess Buttercup.

First runner up was Rebecca Simpson who dressed herself up in the mask from “The Invisible Man.”

Second runner up was another mask by Linda Tayrien, this one from Nacho Libre. Jack Black wore it while playing a monk in a cash strapped monastery. In the movie, Black's character became the Mexican wrestler to make money for the monastery to help feed kids. This is made from a cloth veggie sack and washi tape. The black line is his mustache, and since you can’t see the bunny’s mouth, she drew a smile.

The Playmakers encourage residents to visit the group's Facebook page, ‘grove playmakers theatre’ and enjoy monologues by some of the youth theatre participants. Also watch for more Year of the Mask activities and events being planned.