“Take a child fishing, the experience is unforgettable”

I remember my dad taking me fishing specifically on Father’s Day, probably because of my angling passion, not necessarily his. We would go out early, rent an aluminum 14’ row boat and slap the old 6 hp Evinrude on the back and spend the day together. As we grew older my fishing changed to high powered boats and fancy tackle, and dad became reluctant to travel in the rocket ship, as he liked to call it, but went anyway. He passed long ago, but the memories remain.

I think you can catch just about anything on Grand Lake right now if you put a hook in the water. We’ve been spanking fish all week using a menagerie of baits, technique, and locations. First, let’s talk about the lake. Level is 744’ and stable, temperature in the low 80’s and rising, color is good with clearer water south and in the upper Elk River. Black bass are being caught throwing crank baits on ledges, then following up with a jig. We also had some decent catches on Carolina rigs on main lake points. Add to that a top water breakwater bite early in the morning. We’re catching white bass in numbers on bigger deep diving crank baits in 8-12’ of water using top water when schooling. There are excellent reports of catfish on fresh shad, drifting or on jug lines. The crappie have slowed somewhat unless you like throwing a jig. It’s going to be difficult to keep minnows alive with the air and water temperatures in the 80’s.

I’d like to remind all of my fishing friends reading this report to keep track of your health while out there in this heat. When it gets hot and the bites on fire, it’s easy to lose track of your hydration. Believe me I had two incidents last week and neither was pleasant. Health related…not the fishing.

Until next time, keep your bait in the water. Clint Baranowski

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