The Following Items Were Filed June 6 To June 11, 2020, In Delaware County District Court. The Information Was Obtained Through The Oklahoma District Court Records Website.


Green, Sammi Jo, Child Endangerment By DUI

Hallum, Robert Jerry, Assault With A Dangerous Weapon

Jones, Darrell Dean, Aggravated Assault and Battery

Sprueill, Chester Lee, Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance With Intent To Distribute


Holland, William Carl, Fail To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law

Jackson, Kennith Floyd, Fail To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law

Roberts, Aaron David, Fail To Carry Current Insurance

Thompson, Karen Lynn, Fail To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law

Yeik-Teague, Jordon, Failure To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law

Protective Orders

Buck, Kaci Lynn Vs. Greer, Breanna Elizabeth

Dugan, Thomas Vs. Hew, Laura E.

Young, Madalynn Elaine Vs. Fidler, Doug

Newkirk, Joshua Nichols Vs. Greer, Breanna Elizabeth

Hembree, Belle Ann Vs. Mitchell, Tyler Craig

Logsdon, Ashely Laura Vs. Logsdon, Timothy R.

Youngblood, Betty Jean Vs. Tipton, Daniel Wayne

Marriage Licenses

Allen, Branden Jacob and Carroll, Haley Rae

Baker, Barton Wayne Jr. and Bergman, Julie Rae

Clausen, Kerry Sue and Hawthorn, Julie Renee

Dempsey, Austin Earl and Taber, Evelyn Rose

Tawney, Jeremiah and Devore, Judith Lynn

West, Michael Shawn and Eckles, Samantha Joanna

Hogan, Christian Michael and Johnston, Elizabeth Nicole