“It’s a sure sign of summer if the chair you’re sitting in gets up when you do.” Walter Winchell

It got hot quick and the weather warmed the lake temperature into the lower 80’s. The level should remain somewhere around 745’. Even though there are remnants of floating hazards, the water color overall is good. Our fishing is better in areas of clearer water, and not necessarily south Grand. Color will vary depending on even smaller locations. The summer weather makes it conducive for night fishing and it can be productive. Just be careful; make sure your lights work and you wear a flotation device.

Grove and Grand Lake hosted the Skeeter XFL tournament this weekend which was rescheduled and moved from Ft. Gibson due to high water. Michah Littlejohn and Steven Bale took home a check for $15,000 with a limit weighing 22.29 lbs out of a field of 130 anglers. Based on the overall results Grand Lake continues to be quite a bass fishery.

Let’s get to fishing. We fished 5 days last week and the catch was unbelievable for both black and white bass and you could stick them in the very same places, schooling on secondary points near deeper water. The clearer the water the better the bite. Remember last week’s report? We tried a variety of top water lures from Pop’Rs to Zara Spooks, but the most productive was an old Rapala Skitter Pop. Early, and I mean early morning, and late evening seem to be the best times, and you can catch so many your hands will hurt. Catfish are biting as well. I ran into my buddy Jim Wagner with a good mess of catfish they caught using shad for bait. Other folks I spoke with didn’t have any crappie reports, but I’m certain somebody is catching them.

Until next time, keep your bait in the water. Clint Baranowski

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