KANSAS - The Delaware County Sheriff's Department in conjunction with the State Agricultural Department have recovered $140,000 worth of stolen property.

Officers responded to a call, investigating possible squatters and possible stolen property, just north of Kansas. The officers found two areas of encampment, one around a 40' container, that was inhabited and another approximately half a mile away in a stolen recreational trailer.

Authorities arrested Jordan Hodges on a stolen Polaris four-wheeler and for the possession of a firearm as a convicted felon.

The stolen property recovered by the deputies is listed as:

• a late model gooseneck RV Trailer stolen in April from Tahlequah.

• a 2007 Ford F350 flat-bed truck stolen from Springdale, Arkansas.

• a gooseneck trailer with a Kubota excavator aboard, stolen on May 18 from Springdale, Arkansas.

• a gooseneck flatbed trailer with the VIN removed.

• an air compressor, two generators, a fuel tank, a water pump and a plastic storage tank.

Authorities say that all of the owners of the stolen property have been identified and notified of the location of their items.

Hodges has only been arrested, not convicted at this time.