I’m over this. Really over this. I’ve done the hunker bunker thing, eating my way though drawer organization, until I feel like a chunker clunker.

Social media provided a platform for people to brag about their safer at home accomplishments. Closets purged, honey-do lists crossed off, cleaning of areas until this where practically unknown to clean. Yea, I did that, too. The giant white board of projects for my guy and me to accomplish looms in the corner like a unsolved crime inspiration board. I’m happy to report most are marked off, but I keep adding to the suspects.

Let’s see....some personal favorites. I organized my greeting cards and matched them with their rogue envelopes. I emptied multiple tubs of newspaper clippings that had followed me from place to place. I called far-flung friends and actually talked to them. I got my Credentials of Ministry and was honored to perform two weddings. I binge watched The Tiger King. I took my suitcase out for a walk. I burned huge piles of downed trees and limbs....23 fires to be exact. And I wrote the word cancelled on my calendar. Cancelled ....as in, ‘it ain’t happenin’ this year’. I have written that word more times than I have in the past 20 years. Sniff.

For those whose life that was mostly inconvenienced, COVID-19 will be a time of grocery pick-up and social hiatus. For those whose life had a major shift to include work and school from the house, the safer at home experience has been, perhaps, stressful but memorable. For those of us who feel like we’ve had everything ripped from us, our source of income, the ability to use our talents, and even our identity, 2020 will certainly be remembered as a year of loss.

It is a bit ironic that 2020 was the year we were blindsided. 2020 was the year we lost our vision. The buzz words “the new normal,” and “reopening” have no definition, we are in the dark. Walking blind in 2020.

This Good to Go travel girl swings from positive to positively devastated, sometimes in the same 60 seconds. The travel experts are all chiming in with their opinions of what the public will do in the future, but the future, which starts later today, is about you, our clients. You are driving the bus on this one. What you think. What You want to do. What you feel is comfortable. We will be ready when you are ready is our mantra.

“Jesus take the wheel.” I’m praying it’s sooner rather than later in 2020.

Patti Beth Anderson has more than 20 years of experience in the group travel industry taking people all over the world. Her motto is "I return with the same number of people I left with… not necessarily the same people, but the same number nevertheless. So no 'crankpots' allowed" She may be reached at 918-786-3318 or pb@goodtogowithpb.com.