GROVE - After much deliberation and debate, the City Council of Grove has voted to reopen city multiple amenities to the public.

The month of June marks the opening of almost all of the amenities that the City of Grove offers residents, should the State of Oklahoma enter Phase Three.

City Properties Opening in June

As of Monday, June 1 the Splash Pad, parks, playground and basketball courts will be open to the public. As of Friday, June 5, the swimming pool will be open sans pool passes for the 2020 season.

The decision to reopen these locations comes on the heels of a new set of guidelines from the CDC, hinging on one new guideline in particular, saying "Coronavirus mainly spreads through person to person contact and does not spread easily on contaminated surfaces".

Additional new guidelines from the CDC include hand hygiene, respiratory ettiequte, cloth face coverings (not in the water), staying home, having adequately supplies for stocking the pool and restrooms and posting signs displaying information on how to stop the spread of disease.

The city and council will still encourage social distancing and discussed the potential for 3-hour blocks of time denoted by colored wristbands to allow the community to more safely enjoy the pool.

One new restriction that is already in place for the swimming pool, is imposed by the Delaware County Health Department. This restriction will lower the bathing load to just 50 percent of capacity. Additional rules and restrictions will be put into place as the opening date draws near.

City Properties Still Closed

City locations staying closed to the public at this time are the Grove Senior Center, the Civic Center, the Community Center and City Hall. City Hall will still function as it has been via phone, drive-thru window, dropbox and online.

As for the opening of City Hall and the Community Center, there are still some measures to be put into place for the safety of both the residents of Grove and city employees.

"One of the things that we are waiting on is some glass fixtures that will be put into the counter up here in the front that will give a physical barrier between the customer and our employee. That will provide some additional safety that is not in place yet," said City Manager Bill Keefer. "If the goal is, like the mayor said, to protect and make the comfort level of the staff, I can speak for the majority of us, if not all of us, that we are all concerned that we are not really ready to open."

The reopening of City Hall will be revisited at the Regular City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 2.

Garage sales were also addressed during the meeting. The city is now able to facilitate garage sale permits in person at the drive-thru window.

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City Wide Clean Up Rescheduled

GROVE - The City of Grove City Wide Clean Up has been rescheduled for October 5-9. At this time, this rescheduled date will have no impact on the Spring 2021 Clean Up.