JAY - The Class of 2020 has has had a memorable senior year and through the COVID-19 pandemic have shown strength, grace and adaptability during these unusual times.

Jay High School Graduation

On Friday, May 15, JHS released a virtual graduation video featuring pre-recorded videos of the administration, valedictorian and salutatorian speeches, a list of all of the graduates and more. The video is viewable via the Jay High School Facebook page.

A physical graduation will be held either at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 25, at Jay B. Earp Stadium. Should inclement weather arise, a secondary date of Saturday, August 1, has been selected.

Here are the top two students at Jay High School:

Molly Bryant, Valedictorian

Bryant is the daughter of James and Erin Bryant. She has been involved in Student Council for two years, serving as the secretary for one year, NHS President, Mu Alpha Theta President, Science Club Historian, Varsity Football Trainer for two years, Varsity Cheerleader, FOMC, MHC Student Leader, Superintendent’s Leadership Committee, BETA Club President, Grand Savings Bank Junior Bank Board and the Integris Hospital Board.

Bryant says that these activities have taught her many things.

“Being involved in my school in so many ways taught me responsibility and time management skills that helped me be successful throughout my high school career. I learned so much from each sponsor and coach and will always be immensely grateful or how they impacted me,” said Bryant.

Her future plans involve attending the University of Arkansas to study biology, before attending medical school to become a radiologist.

“I have always had phenomenal science teachers at JHS and they have always made biology and chemistry interesting and easy to understand. I love being in the lab and learning about how our world works, so biology seems like a perfect fit,” said Bryant.

Bryant’s favorite high school memory is from the OASC State Convention Trip from 2018.

“ Our sponsor, Whitney Walker, got a little turned around in Tulsa and it ended up being the best time with some of my very favorite people. Although that was the funniest high school memory I can recall, Friday night football will always be my very favorite thing about high school. Nothing beats being on the sidelines and watching your best friends play football,” said Bryant.

Bryant says that she wrote her speech from a particular mindset.

“I wrote my speech with the mindset that at 19 years old, I don’t have much wisdoms to share. My speech was a tribute to those who aided in my success throughout the years. I will never be able to thank everyone who helped me or articulate just how thankful I am to those in my life,” said Bryant.

Bryant adds her gratitude for the Jay Public School System.

“I am beyond grateful for my time at JHS. The teachers and staff are incredible and I am proud that no matter where I live or what I’m doing, I will always be a Bulldog at heart,” said Bryant.

Chelsea Clark, Salutatorian

Clark is the daughter of Randall and Linda Clark. She has been involved in Student Council, BETA Club, Yearbook, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Cheerleading, Science Club, History Club, The Tomato Juice Club and JGCLA.

Clark said that these activities forced her outside of her comfort zone, but had a wonderful result.

“My extracurriculars forced me to be social and influenced who I would become close friends with,” said Clark.

Clark plans to attend the University of Oklahoma, but has not picked a major yet.

“Once I find [a major], I’m sure it will be something that I am genuinely interested in,” said Clark. “I know that, at some point in my life, I want to work at a bakery.”

Clark said that her favorite memory is related to Student Council.

“I probably have one-hundred favorite memories, but my favorite is the time that me and my best friend, Joanna Rivera, kissed to win a student council game, but we still lost,” said Clark.

For her speech, Clark kept it short and sweet.

“I wanted to thank those deserving, address my classmates, keep it short, and a little silly,” said Clark.

Clark added a joke, setting the tone for her speech.

“What’s E.T. short for?” asked Clark. “Because he’s got little legs!”

Jay High School Class of 2020

Braden Alexander

Kaylee Ames

Cloe Anderson

Scarlet Anderson

Hallen Armstrong

Chandler Atwood

Destinee Bacon

Logan Barrows

Gage Bishop

Shiann Bocangra

Trevor Bowman

Lexcey Boyle

Timothy Brock

Kaden Budder

Anthony Buffington

Amyah Butler

Caleb Buzzard

Kalea Buzzard

Caleb Brewer

Molly Bryant*

Bailey Caliban

Khaila Charqueno

Kevin Christian

Chelsea Clark**

Abby Cornell

Jacob Cotrill

Zach Coy

Zoe Curry

Ricky Denny

Araya Dry

Dustin Duran

Jenessa Edwards

Auero Feregrino

Rafel Flores

William Fredrick

Austin Haikey

Stephanie Helms

Dramond Hendricks

Katelyn Hockman

Elizabeth Hodge

Nathaniel Holt

Dallas Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson

Rachel Johnson

Chacolby King

Creed King

John King

Kaytlynn King

Noah Lamountain

Steen Lane

Brooklynn Larmon

Laib Lee

Bobby Lewis

Sydney Matheson

Bonnie Miller

Mathysen Mooney

Kazidon Mount

Daniel Morehead

Maria Moreno

Katelyn Mouse

Tandy Mouse

Brandon Neu

Jaylem Newcomb

Justin Noblin

Hayden O’Bryan

Cole Oswalt

Victor Pichardo

Pedro Reyes

Briar Ritter

Joanna Rivera

Samantha Rutherford

Kayevonna Salkill

Lila Sherman

Kobe Sixkiller

Sammi Sixkiller

Andy Smith

Kerrena Snow

Annie Stewart

Marcus Summerfield

Haylee Swanson

Dani Tanner

Angel Teneyuque

Benjiman Thao

Touzong Vang

Morgan Vice

Madison Wagner

Terral Gagnon

Kaylee Walker

Weston Welch

Alaina Wethy

Kennah Wheeler

Chandler Williams

Aryn Wilson

Brody Winfield

Sam Xiong

* denotes Valedictorian, ** denotes Salutatorian