You know, 50 years is a long time, but it goes by faster than you think. I recently saw where a couple I know was celebrating their 49th marriage anniversary, and thought wow, how could this be? Then I remembered if my wife was still living, we would be celebrating our 45th this year. It seems like only yesterday that we celebrated our 25th.

It has also been 50 years since the Kansas City Chiefs had played in the Super Bowl, until this year. That’s a long time, yet I vividly remember watching them play in their last Super Bowl appearance.

Other things that transpired 50 plus years ago, sometimes seems like it was 100 years ago. Things that come to mind are my grade school days at Wilson Elementary, and the life I lived back in those days. I clearly remember making trips after school down to our small neighborhood grocery (Dineens) for after school snacks, or to cash in pop bottles I had collected, coming home from school to watch reruns of The Three Stooges, Beverly Hillbillies, Andy Griffith, and other programs before the local news would come on in the evening, and we would sit down for our evening family dinner.

Another memory from 50 plus years ago was my Saturday afternoons, when my mom would give me a quarter and I’d walk uptown to go see a movie at the Coleman. It would cost me 15 cents to enter the theatre, leaving me money left over to purchase a Nestle Crunch candy bar for a nickel from the snack bar, then after the movie, I would spend my last nickel on an ice cream cone at the drug store next door. Yes, those were some good days, and I believe I must have seen every Tarzan movie that was ever made at the Coleman on those Saturday afternoons?

Some of my most memorable thoughts from those days, 50 plus years ago, were the school lunches we used to be served at Wilson Elementary. I will never forget those school lunches. Of course, I liked some of their lunches better than others, but I can honestly say, I don’t remember ever having a bad meal at school. Some of the more popular meals we were served, or at least it seemed like we had them more often, were things like macaroni and cheese, beans and cornbread, pigs-n-a-blanket, Salisbury steak, homemade pizza, chili, stew, and the list goes on. Also, who could ever forget those cinnamon rolls they used to make for us? They are still some of the best I ever put in my mouth. But my all-time favorite school lunch item was those large warm homemade hot rolls they prepared for us several days a week. Those of you that also had them know exactly what I am talking about.

The recipe I am posting today is for those hot rolls we all remember. It was given to me by actual school cooks, so I have to assume them as authentic. I have posted this recipe before, a couple of years ago, but something this good has to be periodically repeated so everyone has a chance to try it. So if you still remember those school hot rolls as a child, and long for them again, give this recipe a try….

School Hot Rolls

1 qt warm water

1 cup sugar

1 cup powdered milk

1 cup oil

1 Tbsp. salt

2 pkgs yeast

7-9 cups All-purpose flour

Combine water, yeast, and sugar to dissolve yeast. In a separate bowl combine milk, salt, and about 5 cups of flour. When yeast dissolves add the oil and pour into the dry mixture. Add flour a little at a time till it gets to the right consistency. You don't want it too sticky but you also don't want it to heavy. Allow to rise double in size. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until you get the coloring you want.

Use this dough for rolls, buns, loafs, pizza crust, or pig in a blankets. Enjoy and I hope it takes to back to your school days.