GROVE - The Playmakers are hosting a “Make-A-Mask Challenge” on the group's Facebook page as part of their current theme, “The Year of the Mask”.

The challenge encourages participants of all ages to keep making art and have some much needed fun. The way the challenge works is that participants will get clues to movies in which a featured character wears a specific mask. Once the correct movie is determined by the clue, the participant makes the mask and posts a picture on Facebook. All entries will be judged by Playmaker volunteers and a top twenty-one will be selected.

The challenge gives adults, students of all ages, and family groups and friends a chance to reveal their creativity by making the movie character’s mask from materials you have at home or in your yard, especially recyclable materials. They don’t encourage participants to go spend money on purchasing supplies for the masks and starting with a purchased mask won’t be allowed.

Additional guidelines for participants who want to join the challenge will appear on the Grove Playmakers Theatre Facebook page, beginning on Tuesday, May 19. The movie categories are movies made 1) prior to 1950, 2) 1950-1980 and, 3) after 1980. One clue for one movie in each of these three categories will start being posted on Tuesday, May 26, and continue daily through Monday, June 1, for a total of twenty-one movies. Participants will be given until Sunday, June 7, to make the masks and post photos of them on The Playmakers’ Facebook page, where the entries will be judged.

“We’ve designed this as a challenge rather than a contest as we are reluctant to ask local businesses and organizations for prizes right now,” said Suzanne Boles of The Playmakers. “As Cedric the Entertainer said on a recent televised program of videos made by people around the world who are staying at home during the pandemic, we are seeing a “creative explosion” or a “quarantivity,” a word he created. These videos illustrate what some of us believe, that everyone has some kind of creativity if they just don’t let their imaginations lapse.”

For more information on the Make-A-Mask Challenge or the Grove Playmakers, visit the Playmakers' Facebook page.