GROVE - The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on many of Grand Lake’s area nonprofits. At a time when requests for services are expanding, the economic downturn means many regular donors are not in a position to support them.

In response to this need, the Grove Rotary Club is announcing a COVID -19 Quick Response Grant program. According to the chairman of the Rotary Contributions Committee, Kristi Wallace, the grants will be available to local non-profit organizations that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. "Our primary focus will be supporting those organizations that are providing key social services to the community such as food and shelter.

“We will be taking grant applications until June 5. But our goal is to evaluate each request as it comes in. We assume there may be some immediate needs and we will be evaluating every application as it is submitted,” Wallace said.

The annual Rotary Grant Program does not evaluate requests until all applications are submitted and awards are made in January.

Grove Rotary President Carol LaRue said, “We don’t know what the needs are, but the Rotary Foundation Board felt many of our nonprofits are struggling and we wanted to attempt to address emergency situations.”

The federal government is considering a pandemic relief bill for nonprofits as well as creating a charitable deduction for taxpayers through 2021 to incentivize giving. However, the Grove Rotary understands that there may be some immediate needs that cannot wait for federal legislation and funding.

Last year the Grove Rotary Club awarded nearly $170,000 in grants and scholarships to local entities.

The Rotary grant application can be found on the club’s website at