GROVE - On Tuesday, May 12, the Grove High School administration shared a video celebrating the scholarships that have been awarded the the Class of 2020.

“This certainly looks different any other than any other senior awards night in the history of Grove High School, but that certainly doesn’t make it any less important. We are proud of each of you,” said GHS Principal Renee Dozier.

Dozier commented that many universities and colleges have not awarded scholarships yet and that the school may be unaware of many of the scholarships that have been directly awarded to students, but assures that as more information becomes available, the GHS administration will celebrate with those who have been awarded.

“Know that we are proud of you and know that we know the work that you have put it and we are so excited to see you reap the benefits of that,” said Dozier.

“None of us could have imagined this scenario for your last months of your senior year. I know that you, your family and your friends were looking forward to the culmination of the school year. I want you to know that I, Mrs. Dozier and all of your teachers remain committed to recognizing and celebrating your accomplishments,” said Grove Public Schools Superintendent Pat Dodson. “I am so happy for your success and I am so proud of how [the Class of 2020] has handled this adversity.”

Scholarship Awards

Trace Arnold - Grove Rotary Scholarship, $1,000 Norma Halterman Scholarship, $500 Grand Savings Bank Scholarship

Kristen Bass - $1,000 Patricia Island Lady Members Ambassador Scholarship, $1,000 Arvest Foundation Scholarship, $500 James Gray Memorial Scholarship

Rachel Black - $1,000 Anne Dick Scholarship from Zeta Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha, $500 T.J. Melton Scholarship from GCTA, $100 and jewelry box from Girl of the Year

Cole Buchholz - $1,000 Gary Thompson Scholarship, $1,000 Darrell Mastin Memorial Scholarship, $500 Bank of Grand Lake Scholarship, $250 Jay Lions Club Scholarship

Elora Carder - $1,000 Scholarship from Zeta Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha

Rylee Caswell - $1,778.91 Floyd and Sybil Baker Scholarship

Kailan Cloud - $1,000 Norma Halterman Scholarship, $500 United Methodist Women

Myah Cearley - $1,000 Gary Dunham Memorial Scholarship

Katelyn Cohea - $500 American Farm and Ranchers Scholarship

Colin Craig - $250 Janey McFall Memorial Scholarship

Dalton Crouch - $500 Bank of Grand Lake Scholarship, $500 American Farm and Ranchers Scholarship

Mason Deakins - $1,000 Masonic Lodge Scholarship, $550 Stipend from Zeta Epsilon Sigma Alpha, $500 United Methodist Women

Sara Draper - $1,000 Arvest Foundation Scholarship, $500 Bank of Grand Lake Scholarship

Riley Grimes - $500 United Methodist Women

Emely Hernandez - $500 First National Bank Scholarship, $200 Janey McFall Memorial Scholarship

Shye Hulse - $1,000 Gary Dunham Memorial Scholarship, $700 Lucille Vernon Scholarship

Anthony Lucky - $500 VFW/VFW Auxiliary Scholarship, $250 Jay Lions Club Scholarship

Alaniss Marin - $1,000 Scholarship from G.T. Aston PEO, $500 Delaware County Retired Educators Scholarship, Simmons Scholarship

Tommy Matlock - $250 Grove Memorial Scholarship

Boston Morrow - $500 Bank of Grand Lake Scholarship

Mikalle Pair - $500 Cory Smith Memorial Scholarship

Tabitha Patton - $750 Lucille Vernon Scholarship

Rachel Reyes - Grove Rotary Scholarship, $500 James Gray Memorial Scholarship, $500 Red Cross Scholarship, $250 Jay Lions Club Scholarship, Simmons Scholarship

Dakota Rickey - Grove Rotary Scholarship

Amelia Rutter - $1,000 Arvest Foundation Scholarship, $750 Red Cross Scholarship, $500 Bank of Grand Lake Scholarship

Samantha Sanchez - $1,000 Arvest Foundation Scholarship

Julia Schoonover - $1,000 Gary Dunham Memorial Scholarship, $500 Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship,$500 Eta Omega Scholarship

Shelby Smith - $1,000 Gary Dunham Memorial Scholarship, $500 United Methodist Women

Ally Swafford - $1,000 Arvest Foundation Scholarship

Logan Yurko - $500 Bank of Grand Lake Scholarship