KANSAS - The Class of 2020 has had a memorable senior year and have shown strength, grace and adaptability during these unusual times.

Kansas High School Graduation

The administration at Kansas Public Schools had not made a decision on graduation for the Class of 2020 before press deadline. As information becomes available, it will be shared via Kansas High School's Facebook page.

Here are the top four students at Kansas High School:

McKenzie Kendrick, Co-Valedictorian

Kendrick is the daughter of Steven Kendrick and Sarieta Luper. She was involved in FCCLA, BETA Club, FCA, Student Council and served as a Class Officer.

Kendrick says that her extracurriculars have helped her to become a better leader and to always this of others, not just herself.

Her future plans include attending the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith to study radiology and sonography.

“After I graduate, I would like to work at a children’s hospital,” said Kendrick. “I have been interested in radiology ever since I had a chest x-ray taken to see if I had pneumonia my sophomore year.”

Kendrick says that she will not be writing a speech, but that she has achieved her goal in being named co-valedictorian of the Class of 2020.

Jager Pifer, Co-Valedictorian

Pifer is the son of Jim and Jaime Pifer. He has been involved in Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Powerlifting, Future Farmers of America (FFA), Student Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Oklahoma Agriculture Youth Council, Grand Savings Junior Bank Board, Drama Club and BETA Club.

Pifer says that all of these experiences have helped him grow as a person.

“Each one of my extracurricular activities have helped shape the type of person and leader I have become. Leading an athletic team is different than leading a club or organization. I believe every activity I have been involved in throughout my high school career has helped me grow in different ways,” said Pifer.

Pifer now plans to attend Oklahoma State University to pursue a degree in Biosystems Engineering, focusing on machine systems and agriculture engineering.

“While I was growing up I always had a fascination with building things and how things were put together. I plan on combining my love for agriculture and engineering by majoring in biosystems engineering. I hope to revolutionize the way people farm, making each procedure more efficient to help feed this growing world,” said Pifer.

Pifer says his favorite memory was on the turf of the football field.

“I have a deep passion for football. Even through my season has been cut short the past two years, leading my team on to the field is a telling unmatched by any other, I can truly say that I will miss being on a football field every Friday night,” said Pifer.

Pifer says that his speech will reflect the current times and a few memories from high school. He also says that he is glad to share the title of Valedictorian with his classmates.

“I know we have all worked hard and I am happy that we will all be recognized,” said Pifer.

Pifer thanks all of those who have supported him.

“Everything I have been able to accomplish would not have been possible without my friends and family around me,” said Pifer.

Dylan Sinor, Co-Valedictorian

Sinor is the son of Troy and Belinda Sinor. He has been involved Business Professionals of America, Student Council, Class President, BETA Club Vice President, Indian Club, National Honors Society, High School basketball and golf.

Sinor says that his involvement in the various clubs has helped shape him into the man he is today.

“These extracurricular activities have taught me valuable leadership. time management and communication skills,” said Sinor.

Sinor plans to major in physical therapy or safety management, but has not selected a school.

As for his speech, Sinor plans to thank his supporters.

“I plan to thank my family and friends for motivating me to always do my best and for all the great memories I have had during my time at Leach Public Schools and Kansas High School,” said Sinor.

As a co-valedictorian, Sinor says he is appreciative that he gets to share this honor with friends.

“I know they will accomplish great things,” said Sinor.

Sinor also wants to send a special thank you to his parents, his grandma and the Class of 2020.

“I want to thank my parents Troy and Belinda Sinor for raising me and my brother and for always making sure we had everything we needed. I would also like to thank my grandma for always being an extra hand in raising me. To my Class of 2020, I thank you all for the memories, I wished to make many more on the class trip and the last weeks of school, but I know that our friendships will last longer than this pandemic,” said Sinor.

Ruthie Britton, Salutatorian

Britton is the daughter of Aaron and Tiffany Britton. She has been involved with Cheerleading her Junior year, BETA Club both her Junior and Senior years and Drama Club for all four years.

Britton says that the extracurriculars haven’t necessarily shaped her, but that it was all for fun.

She plans to take a gap year after graduating to asses her future plans. Britton says that she will either attend TCC for aviation or John Brown University for mathematics.

“I might choose aviation so that later I can go to flight school and become a pilot, or mathematics because I love doing math and find it relaxing,” said Britton.

Britton says her favorite memory of high school was during her senior year.

“A global pandemic shut all the schools down and I never had to go back,” said Britton.

Britton said that she was told she wouldn’t be able to give a speech, but she knows exactly what she’d talk about.

“I planned on using it to talk about everyone finding their own individuality and not letting other people shape you into somebody that you’re not, even if they are an authority,” said Britton.

Kansas High School Class of 2020

Morgan Anger

Samantha Anglin

Gabe Anilin

Teressa Baker

Skyla Bales

Kyrieann Beck

Rowdy Blackbird

Ruthie Britton**

J’Lynne Bryant

Brendan Buck

Haylee Buck

Ashley Byrum

Alexis Campbell

Katelyn Capps

Zackary Daniels

Jacob Davis

Nikkiah Davis

Seth Evans

Trae Foster

Nolana Glass

Shemar Glass

Ashlyn Gray

Trenton Gregory

Kelton Holland

Bobby Honaker

William Houstan

Michael Howell

Jacob Jones

Shayla Keeton

Draven Kemp

McKenzie Kendrick*

Shannon King

Kylie Lamb

Shelbi Lambeth

Kong Lee

Sadie Lyman

Layne Miller

Jacob Morgan

Gabriel Morrison

Deaven Noe

Timothy Olinghouse

Kaiden Osbourn

Savannah Paden

Lainie Payton

Nolen Perdue

Carlos Peters

Christian Peters

Joshua Peters

Jager Pifer*

Jordan Pirsch

Alexa Risenhoover

Dylan Rogers

Kaden Rogers

Madison Rowe

Tyler Seay

Dylan Sinor*

Kagen Snell

Austin Stoll

Hannah Swagerty

Tristen Sykes

Myla Tagg

Riley Tagg

Baylie Tarin

Garrett Teague

Adriana Troglin

Ethan Whaler

Cadence White

Mason Whorton

Kylee Wooten

* denotes Valedictorians, ** denotes Salutatorian