OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma State Department of Health has released a model for the COVID-19 outbreak showing the new projected peak, April 21.

The model, which uses data as of April 8, shows that on the date of the projected peak, the state of Oklahoma will have 436 new cases, 22 new deaths and 131 new hospitalizations. The model was authored by Aaron M. Wendelboe, PhD; Justin Dvorak, PhD; and Michael P. Anderson, PhD.

“Over the past week, Oklahoma has significantly increased COVID-19 testing data due to expanded capacity at labs and more than 80 mobile testing locations across the state,” said Dr. Aaron Wendelboe, interim state epidemiologist. “This new data gave our team of epidemiologists stronger insight to forecast a COVID-19 model for the State of Oklahoma. At this point, we are estimating that Oklahoma will hit peak demand on hospitals, ICU beds, and other critical medical supplies around April 21.”

The model ran through May 1, showing the total number of COVID-19 cases to be 9,300 and the total number of deaths to be 469.

For the latest information on Oklahoma's COVID-19 situation, visit www.coronavirus.health.ok.gov.