GROVE – State Rep. Josh West (R-Grove) today issued the following statement regarding reports of several residents of the Grove Nursing Center testing positive for COVID-19.

“As soon as I was made aware of this situation, I reached out to the State Health Commissioner Gary Cox and spoke with members of his staff to make sure their response to help these residents and the staff at this facility was swift in order to save lives. I was assured the Health Department is conducting an assessment and providing guidance in accordance with CDC guidelines. Private labs conducted initial testing, but additional testing has been completed on occupants and staff by the Health Department. Those results are expected within the next week. An audit also was completed to ensure the facility has the proper personal protective equipment on hand. I know that every effort is being made to treat residents who have tested positive or are showing symptoms of this illness and to prevent the further spread of the virus. I will continue working with all involved to ensure every effort is made to protect and help the people at this facility. I want to commend local officials, including Mayor Ed Trumbull, who are working to make sure this situation is addressed appropriately.”