“I can always use a good whoopin, I just didn’t know it would come from Mother Nature”

Talk about up and down. This spring weather has got many Grand Lake anglers confused, but not the fish, they want to spawn. It’s a full moon after all. One day you can go out and catch a boat full and the next day nada. We lost 4 degrees in water temperature during the past cold spell, in some areas below 60 degrees, but this will rebound. Level remains reasonably constant around 744 ft, but the color definitely varies. We found clear water up the Elk River, and dirtier clarity in Duck and Drowning Creeks. One thing I did notice on multiple occasions and locations was shad in the shallows. The larger fish were also there but we threw everything but the kitchen sink without a bite. I’ve experienced this frustrating situation before.

Our black bass came on a variety of lures from jigs to jerk baits, with an occasional spinnerbait fish. One thing that was consistent is they came in specific limited areas. The crappie bite is good now on chartreuse jigs and minnows especially around docks, you would catch a couple and then have to wait until the school came back through for the frenzy to start all over again. I didn’t get any reports of white bass but I’m certain they’re running in the rivers.

Until next time, keep your bait in the water. Clint Baranowski

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