In 1972 a federal law, referred to as Title IX, was passed to give girls athletic opportunities that were heretofore almost exclusively for boys.

Today, most every sport has a boy’s side and a girl’s side, such as basketball, softball for girls or baseball for boys, soccer, track and even power lifting and wrestling, to name a few.

One of the hottest areas for girls’ sports is college wrestling teams, which include scholarships for the girls who are good enough.

Oklahoma has seen college scholarships given out to girls already, with more girls earning scholarships this year and into the future.

But a new challenge to girls’ sports is making itself known as transgender women (biological males self-identifying as females) who want compete with biological females.

What is a “woke” culture to do?

Many girls are finding themselves displaced from championships, from scholarships and the Olympics as transgender women compete in women’s sports for the awards and scholarships.

Back in the 60’s and 70’s, the previous Soviet Union was accused of scandal by having women taking testosterone or accused of having men pretend to be women so they could win medals in the Olympics.

Those charges brought on more detailed testing to keep unfair advantages from happening, since it was understood that if those accusations were true, it would not be fair to women athletes.

Today, the transgender women argue that they don’t have unfair advantage.

Since they say they are female and not male any longer, their point is their inclusion would still leave it a level playing field for women, just because they claim they are now female.

However, the facts are not in the transgender women’s favor.

Biological males, on average, are generally taller, have more muscle mass (about 36% more) than women, bones are thicker and denser, where women generally have lower lung volume and airflow capacity, due to smaller lungs and airway diameter.

My friend John Stonestreet wrote in his Breakpoint Daily article:

Allowing boys to compete with girls denies girls the chance to compete on a level playing field.

In just the last two years, two biological males have won 15 girls track and field championships in Connecticut.

These same two male athletes have participated in 40 qualifying events, filling slots that otherwise would have been filled by girls who are biologically female.

Over their two remaining years of high school career, they are likely to erase many more females from the high school record books as well.

This is happening in college also.

A student at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire previously competed on the men’s track & field team, but now competes as a female.

In 2018, as a man, he placed 8th in a field of 9 in the 400-meter hurdles during a regular season meet.

The following year, competing as a woman, he won the national championship in the 400-meter hurdles by 1.5 seconds.

We all want to be understanding, but in this case, being understanding also requires us to understand what it means for women and girls who are forced to compete against biological males for political reasons.

Another reason women’s sports have been developed, is safety for women, not only fairness.

For instance, separate girl’s wrestling teams have grown quickly in our junior high and high school sports programs.

It is tough for a guy to win against a girl; if you won the match, you only beat a girl, and conversely, if you lost a match, you lost to a girl.

So a guy might wrestle more aggressively, wrestle more intensely to ensure a win, but could end up causing injuries (which has happened), before girls began getting their own teams.

On occasions where transgender women competed against biological females, organizations have tried to address unfair advantages.

Rules such as mandating that transgender women must maintain reduced levels of testosterone for one year, before they can compete.

Though the reduced testosterone levels result in declined general performance, it still can’t eliminate the advantages of denser bones, larger lung capacity and a larger heart.

Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a legal complaint on behalf of three Connecticut high school athletes who have lost chances at setting state records and for scholarships.

This is an issue that has and will continue to end up in court.

I genuinely feel for today’s female athletes.

The 1972 Title IX federal law, that was enacted to grant girls access to sports, is now being threatened by transgendered women who couldn’t compete against males, are now crossing over to compete against girls.

It seems the more “woke” society becomes, the more confused society is.

Heaven, help us.

Rick G. Thielen lives in Grove, Oklahoma and enjoys sharing observations and ruminations on life around him.