WASHINGTON D.C. - The White House held a fifth press conference in as many days on Tuesday, March 17, to continue to update the nation on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

“Progress is being made,” said President Donald J. Trump.

• FDA has new policy where states are able to develop their own testing

“All states can now authorize tests developed and used within their boarders in addition to the FDA. So the states are very much involved,” said Trump. “We are stepping it up as much as we can.”

• Expansion of telehealth services

“Medicare patients can now visit any doctor by phone or video conference at no additional cost,” said Trump. “This has not been done before.”

• Fast food operations to keep drive-thrus open

“In light of yesterday’s guideance, to avoid eating or drinking in public restaurants or bars or food courts, [Trump and the leaders in the fast food industry] discussed the important role that drive-thru pickup and delivery service can play in the weeks ahead,” said Trump.

• White House guidance aims for 15 day social distancing

“We are asking everyone to work from home if possible, postpone unnecessary travel and limit social gatherings to no more than ten people. By making shared sacrifices and temporary changes we can protect the health of our people and protect our economy, because I think our economy will come back rapidly,” said Trump. “If we do this right, our country, and the world frankly, can be rolling again pretty quickly.”

• Senate legislation

“Today the Senate has taken up Coronavirus legislation that includes free testing for those who need it as well as paid sick leave and family medical leave for workers effected by the virus,” said Trump. “We are also committed to getting small businesses the support that they need.”

• Stimulus packages

“Tremendous things are happening,” said Trump. “We are ensuring that we emerge from this challenge with a prosperous and growing economy, because it’s going to happen. It’s going to pop. One day we’re going to be standing, possibly up here, and say ‘well, we won’ and we’re going to say that… I think we’re going to win faster than people think.”

Trump is scheduled to meet with leaders in the tourism industry later on Tuesday.

In Oklahoma

As of Tuesday, March 17, the State of Oklahoma has seventeen cases of Coronavirus according to the Oklahoma State Health Department. Oklahoma County has six cases, Tulsa County has three cases, Canadian and Kay Counties both have two cases each, while Cleveland, Jackson, and Payne Counties have one case each. Six of the cases are female and eleven are males. The age range is still 20-69, with four cases being in the dangerous zone.