To the Patrons of Jay Public School District,

The coronavirus is set to wreak havoc on this nation, quite possibly on the scale which occurred in Italy, where an entire country is locked down.

The clear danger it poses has caused the President to declare a National Emergency.

This health crisis has quickly evolved into a full-scale financial crisis and a recession may be inevitable.

Within weeks and days of one another [stock market] record highs; lows; and rebounds have produced chaos in the United States and world markets.

Nothing is certain at the moment.

One certainty is that domestic and world economics have been drastically reduced, with some industries bearing the blunt of the assault.

Soon many people around the globe, including many Americans will find themselves without employment or source of income.

Who among us is ready to finance a new vehicle, a swimming pool or home renovation; or in fact to make any major purchase as this crisis unfolds?

In the midst of this financial catastrophe, we are set to decide a bond issue on the numerous wants and several needs of the Jay School district.

In normal times I would support the districts needs and perhaps even a few of its wants.


It is pure folly to enter into a long-term financial obligation in the middle of a financial crisis that is in no way close to resolution; especially to move and build new sports complexes!

At this time we have no idea who will have a job in a few weeks.

April 7th comes in the midst of what we are being told is going to be a deeply rough and troubling time.

Prudent adults realize that this is not a time or place to increase property taxes and enter into long term financial obligations, as there is no telling from our vantage point if current obligations can be met.

For these reasons I will OPPOSE THE SCHOOL BOND issue on April 7th.

VOTE NO APRIL 7th, common sense demands it!


Phyllis Morrow

39323 CR 530

Eucha, OK 74342