JAY - On Tuesday, March 10, the Ft. Gibson Tigers arrived at the Dawg Yard to take on the Jay Bulldogs.

Jay 2, Ft. Gibson 1

As the game began with Bulldogs’ Steen Land taking the mound, Jay controlled the game and kept control all through the seventh inning.

The Tigers then hit a high fly ball immediately, but was snagged in the outfield, then Lane threw a couple of strike outs to end their at-bat.

However, the Bulldogs bats went three-and-out to close out the first inning.

At the top of the second, the first two Tiger batters each got a single, but that was as far as they would get as Lane struck out the next two batters.

Cole Oswalt nailed a deep fly, but it was caught close to the fence, Kobe Sixkiller was walked, but was able to steal his way to second, then third base as Lane was walked and then he stole second base.

As Brody Winfield came to bat, he had Sixkiller on third and Lane on second and he hit a low and deep single to center-right, getting two RBI’s on his single, closing the inning with Jay 2, Ft. Gibson 0.

The third inning for the Tigers began with a forced out at first, then a single and then a walk, but both of those runners ended up stranded on base as Kazdion Mount sealed it by catching an infield pop fly.

Jay ended up going three-and-out again to close out the third inning with no change in the score.

At the top of the forth, the Tigers’ first batter hit a single and was walked to second when the next batter was walked from the plate.

As the first Tiger runner tried to steal third, he was caught at third base, then the Bulldog defense caught a pop fly and another player went down with a strike out.

The Bulldogs came back to the plate with Oswalt getting a single, then Sixkiller hit a sacrifice bunt, but all for naught, as Mount’s high fly was caught and Lane lost the race to first base.

The fifth inning began with a strike out and a force out at first for two quick outs, then Lane walked the third batter and the fourth Tiger batters.

The third batter stole second, then stole third base to get in position to score, then on a wild ball, he stole home and the fourth batter stole his way around to third, threatening to score, too.

But Lane struck out the next batter, leaving the Tiger on third base.

Unfortunately, Winfield’s deep fly was caught, and Jayden Mayberry and Gage Bishop both lost their race to first base.

The sixth inning saw both teams go three and out for a quick inning, with Jay still leading by one run.

Lane was on fire as he threw three strike outs in a row at the top of the seventh to close out the game with Jay 2, Ft. Gibson 1.

“Great pitching from Steen Lane; timely hitting from Brody Winfield,” said Coach Mike Moore. “Two wins to start the district season…really played well the last two days.”

With the state closure of the schools until Monday, April 6, all practices and extra curricular events have been postponed or cancelled.