WASHINGTON D.C. - On the first National Day of Prayer, Sunday, March 15, President Donald J. Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force (WHCTF) held a third press conference to update the American public on the current situation.

Trump opened the talk with congratulations to the Federal Reserve who has today lowered the Federal Rate from 1-1.25 to 0-0.25. The Reserve will also purchase $500 billion in treasuries and $200 billion of mortgage back securities.

“They did it in one step and I think that people in the market should be very thrilled,” said Trump. “It brings us in line with what other countries are… I am very happy they did it.”

Google was thanked again for their cooperation with a Coronavirus Screening Website. The company has sent out a press release confirming that they will be aiding with the website.

Trump reported that there is no shortage of supplies of food, but that people are buying three times the normal amounts, according to the leaders of the food industry. Stores will stay open, however may have reduced hours for stocking and cleaning. Americans are encouraged to shop normally as the stores will not close.

“The [WHCTF] are working round the clock and they’re doing a great job,” said Trump.

Trump reiterated that seniors were the most vulnerable and that we as Americans should do what we can to protect them.

Vice President Mike Pence took over the conference and told a story about the a church in Indiana who has suspended services, but is facilitating a daycare for healthcare worker’s children.

Pence’s points on testing:

• Testing is now available in all 50 states

• Ten states have set up independent testing sites

• Working with retail partners to implement drive through testing sites

• Priority for testing will be placed on Americans 65 and older, healthcare workers and first responders

• Coronavirus testing is free to all

• FEMA is now working with the administration to help with the battle against Coronavirus

“We’re all in this together and it’s absolutely important as we expand testing resources across america… It’s important that the tests are available for those who are most in need,” said Pence. “The testing should only be done on those who believe that they have Coronavirus.”

In Oklahoma

As of Sunday, March 15, the State of Oklahoma has seven cases of Coronavirus according to the Oklahoma State Health Department. Tulsa County has three cases, while Cleveland, Jackson, Oklahoma and Payne Counties have one case each. Five of the cases are female and two are males. The age range is from 20-69, with only one case being in the dangerous zone. 

Oklahomans are encouraged to continue to practice good hygiene, limit unnecessary travel and to shop normally at the stores.