TAHLEQUAH - Blake “Cowboy” Stephens says that he is ready to tackle the State of Oklahoma, as he tackles anything life hands him and will face the issues head on with hard work, dedication and a passion to see the job through to the end. Stephens, a veteran educator, has thrown his cowboy hat in the ring as he runs for the Oklahoma State Senate, District 3.

District 3 encapsulates all of Adair County, part of Mayes and Wagoner, as well as half of Cherokee and Delaware. The southern third of the county, along with the entirety of the eastern boarder of Delaware County that falls within District 3.

Stephens takes great pride in speaking directly and having his reputation built on honesty and integrity.

“I was taught by my Dad and Grandpa that all you have in this life is your word. I vowed at a young age to be a man of my word. My word and handshake is a binding contract,” said Stephens.

Stephens believes in continuing his honesty with his potential constituents.

“I believe in looking a man in the eye and giving a firm handshake,” said Stephens.

These values are a direct result of how Stephens was raised, as well as how he and Kathy, his wife of 37 years, raised their two children. Stephens firmly believes that anything is achievable with hard work and dedication.

Stephens has a "servant's heart and a desire to serve all people" and aims to be approachable leader that has professional listening skills and a common sense approach to solving the challenges of Northeast Oklahoma. His vision for the future of Oklahoma is to continue to bring transparency to our government and make education funding a priority.

Stephens says he would like to see the retention of Oklahoma educators by being competitive in our region and taking care of our retired state employees and educators by supporting pro-cola legislation. Stephens is also passionate about representing our business owners and improving our infrastructure in rural Oklahoma and would also like to see our rural communities grow and prosper economically throughout the district.

A rancher himself, Stephens plans to work hard at the Capitol for the farming and ranching community. Stephens owns and operates his cow and calf operation. An avid hunter, Stephens plans to continue to support wildlife conservation, and work toward the common goal of a greater Oklahoma. Stephens is a firm believer in living off the land and plans to work for wildlife conservation and the efforts to maintain balance in the wildlife population and improving habitat. He enjoys hunting and fishing and during turkey season, he saves the feathers to give to his students for their birthdays.

Stephens and his wife apply wildlife conservation and land management practices to their ranch for over 25 years. Currently, the Stephens’ Ranch is participating in the Illinois River Riparian Protection Conservation Initiative and Conservation Stewardship Program.

With a heart for people, Stephens believes in leading by example and wants to "be a voice of change for the regular, hard-working people of Oklahoma". He plans to be a harbinger of fiscal and social responsibility using the values engrained by his parents.

“I am the Cowboy that ran for Governor of Oklahoma in 2018. I have decided to throw my hat back in the ring,” Stephens said. “I have been praying about what the Lord would have me do concerning my future in politics. He has laid it on my heart to continue advocating for Oklahoma’s turnaround.”

Stephens, a 25 year veteran of the education field, found his calling early on. His days are spent as a counselor and bus driver for the Locust Grove Public School district. He loves working with children and was dubbed “Cowboy” and “Woody” by his students.

Stephens is a third generation competitive team roper and rodeo cowboy. As a teen, he was very active in FFA. He served as the President and was on two National Livestock Judging Teams. He earned his Oklahoma State Farmer Degree in 1979. His love for agriculture and rodeo continued through college, as well as his desire to be a leader. Stephens attended Northeast Oklahoma A&M on a Livestock Judging Scholarship and was elected Sophomore Class President the following year. After attaining his Associates Degree, he continued his education at Oklahoma State University and graduated with an Ag Ed Degree.

Known for his helping hands, Stephens is willing to roll up his sleeves and help anyone in need. He spends time every summer in Kansas helping friends during the wheat harvest.

“I’m no stranger to hard work. Please don’t take this as a brag. I’m applying for a job,” Stephens said. “I need your support and your vote in order to make the transition from the Rodeo Arena to the Political Arena. I hope to get to meet you personally before the Primary in June 2020 and earn your support. I would like to represent you, your family and friends as your Oklahoma State Senator, District 3."

For more information on Stephens platform or campaign, visit Blake "Cowboy" Stephens on Facebook.