JAY - Jay Bulldog baseball season officially began on March 5, playing host to the Gravette Lions in the Dawg Yard, but it proved to be a rough start as the Bulldogs lost 10-1 in five innings.

Gravette 10, Jay 1

The Lions didn’t waste time as they put up two runs in the first inning, but did not allow the Bulldogs any runs.

Second inning was more of the same where Gravette added 3 more runs to their total, but didn’t let Jay score.

Steen Lane took the Lions to task as he struck out Gravette’s three batters in a three up, three down move at the top of the third.

Then the Bulldogs scored their first and what would be their only run of the game.

Lane hit a single, then stole second base and when Kaden Budder came up to bat, he nailed a double to drive Steen home for the score.

As Gravette took back the bats in the fourth, their third batter hit one out of Dawg Yard, driving in another runner ahead of him.

The Bulldogs made some noise and got a couple of runners on base, but they ended up leaving them there as the inning came to a close.

Lions were able to add two more runs to their total at the top of the fifth, then they changed out pitchers.

Jay got some hits, earned some walks, but ultimately they weren’t able to add any more points, losing 10-1 against the Lions.

Their next two games were both played on March 7. The first game was against Tulsa NOAH Jaguars at 1:30 p.m., followed by a game against the Pryor Tigers at 5 p.m.

The Bulldogs lost to Tulsa NOAH 5-0 and fell to Pryor 5-3.

Jay played on the road at Fort Gibson, taking on the 0-1 Tigers on Monday, March 9. Then the Bulldogs played at home on Tuesday, March 10 for Dad’s Night as they look for a couple of wins.