KANSAS - The Kansas Comets’ first game of the regular season was against the Verdigris Cardinals on the Comet’s home diamond.

Verdigris 6, Kansas 2

Rowdy Blackbird pitched for the Comets with JR Verette catching Blackbird’s throws.

Cardinals were able to put the first run on the scoreboard in the first inning, and the Comets went three-and-out.

Verdigris didn’t score in the second inning, but the Comets went three-and-out, again.

As the third inning began, the first Cardinal up hit a double, then stole third base, setting him up to score as the next batter also hit a double.

Then the second runner stole third base, but was sent home, after the umpire called a balk on Blackbird.

After the two runs, the Comets quickly took away the bats from the Cardinals, but then, the Comets went three-and-out as the inning ended with Verdigris 3 – 0 over Kansas.

At the top of the fourth inning, the Comets had Easton Wiggins take the mound.

In the fourth inning, Kansas got a couple of quick outs on the Cardinals, but the Cardinals were able to add three more runs through a series of balks and steals, before the sixth batter struck out and ended the inning for Verdigris.

The Comets got their legs under them in the fourth inning as Wiggins was walked, then stole second base and made a mad dash from second to home plate on Kobe Teague’s single.

Garret Teague, up next, was walked when he was hit with a pitch and was also able to run from first base to score the Comets’ second run, also on Kobe’s single.

The inning ended with three left on base; Kansas 2, Verdigris 6.

Inning five closed out with neither team scoring.

Caleb Reding took over pitching duties at the top of the sixth as the first two Cardinal batters hit deep fly balls, but were caught, then he struck out the third batter…three up, three down.

However, Kansas wasn’t able to capitalize with Tre Foster getting a hit, but three other Comets striking out.

The seventh inning was each team getting a hit, but no scores, bring the game to an end; Kansas 2, Verdigris 6.

“Our pitchers are going to have to carry us until our hitters can get some timing down…we just need to get some games in and get in a routine,” said Kansas Head Coach Austin Graham. “Verdigris is a great team year in and year out; will probably make state again in 4A, so I thought we handled playing a great team for our first game really well.”

The Comets played in Kellyville on Monday, March 9 and then hosted the Ponies Tuesday, March 10.