Due to Trump's acquittal, never again will we know our presidential election is not tainted. The Russian influence in the 2016 election resulted in an illegitimate president, and their will be Russian influence in this years election as well. Not only we lost free and fair elections, congress has lost the oversight poor of the president. The president can just thumb his nose at congress power to subpoena and call witnesses.

I think of the patriots that died on Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, and Normandy. The gave their lives for our freedom and the constitution. Our congress just gave it away with a vote. The senate made a more of the so called trial. Their jobs are so cushy in Washington, that not four republicans would stand up for the truth and democracy. No one can say now that the president isn't above the law. He very well may just take over as president for life. It's just like Germany in the late 20's all over again. A sad day for our country.

Lawrence Kemper

Monkey Island, Afton, Oklahoma