The following items were filed Feb. 22 to Feb. 28, 2020, in Delaware County District Court. The information was obtained through the Oklahoma District Court Records website.


Gaston, Sandy Jeanette, Child Neglect


Chavez, Dustin, Public Intoxication

Crittenden, Stephanie Louise, Domestic A&B In Presence of Minor

Freeman, Jodana Denise, Failure To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law

Jones, Christopher D., Domestic A&B In Presence of Minor

Knight, Anthony Christian, Possession of CDS - Methamphetamine

Lawrence, Kenneth Eugene, Possession of CDS - Marijuana

McCawley, Pamela Denise, Domestic Abuse - Assault & Battery

Perano, Ryan Thomas, Domestic Abuse - Assault & Battery

Protective Orders

Johnson, Savannah Vs. Duncan, Mark Everett Lee

Johnson, Savannah Vs. Duncan, Melvin

Johnson, Savanna S. Vs. Duncan, Theresa

Hall, Andrea Rene Vs. Graham, Nicholas Ryan

Vanbrunt, Jennifer Anne Vs. Stephenson, Raymond Rolland

Marriage Licenses

Zulpo, Candace Dannelle and Harrington, Lucas Newton