GROVE - The City of Grove has a second resident with a triple digit age as of Monday, February 24, when Dorothy Rose Stacy celebrated her 100th birthday at Grove Nursing Center.

According to family members, Stacy was born in Arkansas City, Kansas to Esther Cummings Watts and Clarence Watts in 1920. Stacy was the oldest of 8 children born to the couple and the only child still living. Watts was a railroad telegrapher, home renovator, decorator and painter.

Stacy attended college at the University of Oklahoma studying education and playing clarinet in the band. While her teaching career would take her many places including Colorado and Guthrie, Oklahoma, one place her career took her was Guataljra, Mexico. Stacy spent a summer there studying the language to better educate the immigrant students who’s parents worked in the mines.

During her first marriage to Leo Ireton, Stacy was blessed with a daughter, Anne Hosman.

Stacey’s second marriage was to her brother-in-law, Ray Stacy, a retired Navy pilot who had served 25 years and seen combat in three wars. Ray had been married to Stacy’s sister, Lillian, who passed away in 1981. Stacy and Ray were married in 1982. Ray had four children from his first marriage, Ray Jr., Mary Lou, Rob and Anna Marie.

The family had growing pains, but eventually came together, even staying close-knit after Ray’s passing in 1981.

The Stacys had come to Grove when Mary Lou moved to the area and invited them to move closer so she could aid them in day to day life. For the past twelve years, Stacy has been a resident at Grove Nursing Center.

Stacy was always very health conscious, watching her figure and staying active. Her favorite activities included camping and fishing. The NBC mini-series ‘Centennial’ staring Richard Chamberlin was filmed near Stacy’s home in Colorado and she enjoyed hanging out on set and talking about history with the actors.

Stacy’s favorite color is light blue and her favorite food is rhubarb pie, which she used to eat for breakfast. She loves fall because of how the light looks through the trees when the leaves change color and her favorite song is “How Beautiful Upon That Mountain”. Stacy was also a member of The Order of the Eastern Star and named ‘Worthy Matron’ a number of times.

Stacy, who suffers from dementia, was joined by a number of family and friends on her big day to enjoy cake and celebrate the momentum milestone. She wore a silver and pink tiara and a smile as she ate ice cream.

“It’s always awesome to see someone live to be 100, you get to see so many things,” said Grove Nursing Center Administrator Eison Shelton. “I can’t even imagine, it leaves you speechless. She’s seen all the major milestones. Can you imagine?”