In the late 1990’s, my late wife Bonnie, me, my friend Jimbo, and his girlfriend Barbara, all decided to attend a University of Oklahoma basketball game one winter Saturday night in Norman. Bonnie and I drove down to Norman to meet our friends for dinner and then we headed out to the game.

My late wife had a habit of everywhere she went; she would always stop and sign up for every kind of drawing or giveaway that was available. This night was no different, as we entered the Lloyd Noble Center for the game; she stopped at every booth and signed up. I finally became tired of waiting and headed for my seat, she eventually showed up to her seat just about the time they tipped off and started the game. Well, the game wasn’t 2 minutes into the time clock, when the guy on the loud speaker announced my wife’s name to come to a certain area. I said, what the heck is that? She stated she didn’t know and asked me to go with her. I didn’t know if we had an emergency at home or what was going on? So we reported to where they told her to go. When we arrived, we were told that Bonnie’s name had been drawn to be the halftime entertainment. She would be shooting baskets for money, and that we were to report down underneath one of the basketball goals on the floor with five minutes left to go in the first half.

When we arrived on the floor, of course the first half of game was still going on, and we had a birds eye view of the action. Some guy met us there and proceeded to explain the format of the challenge. As he was explaining to us what she needed to do, I saw dollar signs flashing before my eyes, because what I knew, that the rest of them didn’t know, was at one time, although it was long time before then, Bonnie was a pretty darn good high school basketball player and all she needed to do was make a layup, a free throw, a 3-point shot, and then a half-court shot for the BIG money.

Now granted, when she stepped out onto the basketball court, she wasn’t dressed to play a basketball game and was even wearing high heels. Now there was also another stipulation to this money winning basketball competition, and that was she had to make all these shots in a certain amount of time and get her own rebounds. So she heads out on the floor and the buzzer signals to start. Layup no problem, she makes her free throw, and then she starts to struggle at the 3-point line as the clock starts winding down, so she starts to running to get her rebound and head back to take another shot. Of course, the crowd was cheering her on, and it was at this point that she kicks off her high heels and the crowd comes to their feet cheering her on! Well, she was never able to get a 3-pointer to fall for her, but she gained the crowds support and was given a consolation prize. I don’t remember what it was, probably a free snow cone, hot dog or something? Whatever it was, I’m sure at some point during the game, I had a hotdog, polish dog or something, because I can’t remember many times of being at a game that I didn’t have one. Of course, they never compare to ones I make at home, nor do the condiments I make to go them. Here is a recipe for a condiment that needs to be on ALL hotdogs…..

Homemade Dill Pickle/Sweet Pepper Relish

Chopped Dill Pickle Spears

Chopped Red and/or Yellow Pepper

Chopped Jalapeno

A Teaspoon of Minced Garlic

A Teaspoon of Sugar

Pinch of Salt

A Squirt of Yellow Mustard

A Tablespoon Pickle Juice

Mix all ingredients together and serve. Don’t be concerned about quantities on the Peppers and Pickles, adjust and add what flavors you like best, you are not going to mess it up.