GROVE - A fast and furious-like high speed chase involving a stolen vehicle, guns and money led to the arrest of three individuals shortly after midnight in Delaware County on Thursday, February 13.

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office arrested Kimber Vaughn, Brenden Dempsey and Zachery Hudson on felony charges of endangering others while attempting to elude police, possession of a stolen vehicle and seven charges of possession of a firearm after felony conviction.

Sergeant Mike Bouziden spotted the stolen green SUV driving northbound on Highway 10. After attempting to stop the vehicle for defective equipment, the three stopped the car before beginning what would turn into a high-speed chase exceeding 100 MPH. The SUV would crash into a fence in Ottawa County and the suspects fled the scene.

At the scene of the accident, authorities discovered 'a large assortment and seven firearms' inside the vehicle, according to a press release on the Delaware County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page. The District 13 Drug and Violent Crime Task Force and the Task Force Officers of Miami Police Department were then activated and through the use of a drone-mounted heat seeking camera, discovered Vaughn hiding in a field around 400 yards from the accident site.

Dempsey and Hudson were located later that morning when Ottawa County Deputies and Wyandotte Nation Police were alerted to 'numerous attempted burglaries' in the area of the accident. The two were taken into custody and treated for onset hypothermia.

It was later discovered through additional investigating that Dempsey and Vaughn had more than $4,000 cash on them. Authorities learned that the money and the firearms were stolen during a burglary that had occurred two days prior to the pursuit. More than $11,000 in cash had been stolen by the three.

Currently, Vaughn, Dempsey and Hudson are in custody and have a bond of $40,000 each.