JAY - The Jay Bulldogs and Verdigris Cardinals stormed onto the Bulldog Arena hardwood ready for a tough game on February 11.

Verdigris led for the whole game, closing it out the win.

Verdigris 74, Jay 67

The first period was a one-man shooting gallery for Verdigris’ Haddock , who single-handedly put up five 3-pointers and two deuces for 19 of their 23 points, before Jay reined him in for the rest of the game.

Jay had five guys put up points, but they still closed out the period Jay 16, Verdigris 23.

Though the Bulldogs fought hard, they were never able to overcome the deficit of the first period.

The half ended with Verdigris out front with 46 and Jay 30.

As the second half got started, the Bulldogs made a good run, started pulling down rebounds and forcing turnovers, but couldn’t always convert the TO’s into points.

Third period closed out with Jay 47 and Verdigris 58, having trimmed down the gap.

The fourth period the game intensified with Brody Winfield hitting four 3-pointers and Jayden Mayberry getting a “three” and Justin Noblin adding a couple of deuces.

However, the game intensity cost the Bulldogs a couple of players as L Ray Kirk fouled out with 6:36 left in the game and Mayberry joined him on the bench when he fouled out with 1:46 on the clock.

Jay had worked up to within six points with 5:47 left, but the Cardinals picked up 10 points from 17 free throws, making 10 of the total 13 free throw points made in their game, just in the 4th period.

Jay lost by seven points; Jay 67, Verdigris 74.

The Bulldogs fought hard all through the game with three players in double digits: Winfield with 21, Noblin with 14 and Kirk with 10.

Mayberry and Kaden Kingfisher each followed up with eight points each and Kaden Budder added his six points.

Putting up 67 points would win most games, but Verdigris was able to put up seven more, with the difference coming from the number of free throws made.

Plus, the ball wasn’t friendly to Jay in the last six minutes of the game and just wouldn’t drop through the net when they needed it to.

Their next game will be a re-scheduled game against the 4-15 Vinita Hornets in Bulldog Arena on February 17.